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Landscape Area tool VW17



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I'm not sure if this is an issue, or a change in V2017, but my landscape area tool is also faulty- as far as I can tell. I am working in a custom workspace, migrated from V 2016, but the landscape area tool falls out after being selected. There is no descriptive text in the little tool tip box. Even drawing a polygon, then using the 'create objects from shapes' is only semi-functional; no settings are available in the first settings window. I have to go to the object info palette to change the segment length and thickness. 


Using the stock Landmark workspace, the tool doesn't fall out prematurely, but the settings are still not as accessible as they were in 2016. I believe this is a bug, as V2016 also had a crashing problem with this tool when importing V2014 or V2015 files. 


I do not know how I would remove a factory tool from the tool palette, unless I do that in the workspace editor. If so, that is not something that should be needed for a single tool, unless it is a problem in the application. 

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As a follow up, I deleted the landscape area tool from my migrated workspace, then added it back. That seems to have solved the problem, but it still seems like a glitch in the program. Migrating / updating workspaces is a factory option; the 2017 installer offers it as a selection, so it should work thoroughly and completely, without owners being required to monkey around with their customized workspaces or even worse, recreate them altogether.


At least it is is fixable, and I'm happy for that. 

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