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  1. We have 2 seats of VWs Landmark with Renderworks 2017 for sale. Contact me if you are interested and we can work out a price (was thinking 500 US dollars for each seat - but it's negotiable). Thanks
  2. -1 for asking a question....When we purchased VWs one of the items we specifically asked is can we reference in CAD files. The answer was yes! However everyone on this forum has told me to NOT import CAD files as they will mess up your drawings.......You need to open them up in a blank VWs drawing, clean them up and then save them as a VWs file then import.
  3. Hello - I have the worst luck searching the forums as everything I search for comes up as no results found or unrelated......anyways.... Here is what I need assistance with: I imported a survey that was created with AUTOCAD Civil 3D - the survey model was 'smart'. When the survey imported the contours kept their elevation and are 3D polygons...I need the lines to be dashed - but VWs will not allow me to make them dashed. I have made the class a dashed linetype. The issue is when I select the contour lines - it says they are solid and I cannot change them to be by class in the attributes panel..... Thoughts? Also on a side note: There has to be an easier way to import survey files that are created with smart elements in CAD. What I am finding is that we take these smart CAD survey models, make them dumb and import them into VWs rebuild the model and make the survey smart to work with our site models and then we turn around, export the VWs model out - it becomes dumb again all for our Civil Engineering consultants to bring into Civil 3D to make them smart again for their work.....................I hate to ask this question - but did we make a mistake investing in VWs? This is a tremendous amount of effort and work between subs and us to make our information work between disciplines. Maybe my lack of knowledge and using VWs has me frustrated. And by dumb I mean the built site models/surfaces do not correspond between programs.
  4. Are you sure it's not an issue with scale and arrow head size? Perhaps you could share an image of the missing arrow heads?
  5. I can make polylines dashed....just apply a linetype to the class or to the line itself. Your line scale (or layer scale) might be keeping you from being able to see it.
  6. Kind of funny that VWs gives you the option to import CAD files as xreferences....but then everyone says not to do that cause it will mess up your files.....who knew!!?? I need to remember to open up cad files in a blank document and clean them up per suggestions above.
  7. Whenever I import an xref - or bring in a cad file - I get an UnDo history clear....there have been other instances but honestly I cannot remember what I was doing.. Update: reason why this is a pain - is sometimes I import a CAD file for temp use....but should I need to undo some work - I can't because undo history is cleared.
  8. A big question for me is why does the UnDo History have to be deleted when doing certain things??? That causes me some issues when I need to go back.
  9. Good to know Art V. Hmmm - I will play around with this and see what it does.
  10. Ahhh - see I knew it was something elementary! Thanks JimW!
  11. My fault - I can convert 2D poly to 3D ply.....so scratch that. Initial question still stands as to why site model contours export with 0 elevation. I even did a test where I drew a 2d poly, converted it to 3d, gave it an elveation of 100' exported and then elevation was 0. Thanks
  12. A little elementary help with exporting to CAD file.....the contours lose their elevation and are all at elevation 0. I have looked over all the settings/options but for some reason cannot get them to export correctly. It must be something simple. EDIT: Let me take this one step further. When generating site models - after exporting the drawing set out - even the existing contours have 0 elevation.....I can see this being a huge issue on large sites when I need to send the surveyor a site plan for layout purposes during construction. Also - can you assign elevation to polylines? Reason I ask is when we generate site models (in my limited experience) the contours are choppy and not smooth. I like to draw nice pretty polylines as a finished product. We also work in 2D - but like to provide 3D info on contours. Thanks
  13. Agree!!! We had some files/resources set up under 2016 (title blocks and a few other files) and when we upgraded to 2017 we had to open the title blocks up do a save as then close them. I can't imagine doing this to every single resource we create every year a new VWs upgrade come out.......It would be one of those tedious things that would probably keep me from upgrading to new version every year. Maybe do an every other year upgrade. We are starting to compile/create lots of custom things. We have custom sports field base files, details etc - and I really don't want to have to open up those files and do a save as every year..... I VOTED THIS UP!
  14. I know this is a lengthy subject and various ideas and thoughts....but I just finished having an email exchange with tech support. We have 3 VWs files, one survey base file (this was cad info imported in and then saved as a VWs file), and 2 other files (one for improvement sheets and one for grading sheets). We reference the survey into both and the grading and improvement reference each other. We have them set up this way so as info changes drawing backgrounds update. However when working in one of them - the survey shifted off origin for some random reason....messing up whole drawing. We imported the survey file first and them began working in both files. Tech guy told me this: "If you import a DWG or Shapefile, these files automatically will change the origin of the file. This is why we normally recommend importing into a separate document and then copy the objects into your working files. This prevents these origin changes from effecting your existing files." My question is this: if VWs recommends copy and pasting base info then how do we effectively work when background information changes daily? I don't see it being very effective to have to erase all survey info and then copy the survey base info in if you get an updated survey, or building background or utility background or any other discipline backgrounds...... I set up the xrefs per tutorial videos and help. I am a bit stumped on this one......This is not the first time xrefs have caused us issues. But I reference in MEP files (sometimes 2 or 3 files), architectural and civil consultants. That's alot of info to manage.
  15. I would think your text would need to something in the neighborhood of 12 units tall....my math might be wrong, but if you want text that is 1/4" tall (assumption) and your viewport is 1:48 then your text would need to be 12 units tall........no clue how many pixels etc. Make sense? But if your layer scale is 1:48 and your viewport are the same - then how you see the text is how it would appear in your viewport. at least that is what it does for me. You can also (in 2017) set text height to be in page inches(mm). This is pretty easy way to say you want your text to be 1/4" tall. To be honest - I am probably the last person to give advice on here - but when I try to help others it helps me learn as well. So I apologize if I am complicating things!
  16. What is your layer scale? Your labels might be 1/4" tall text on a 155 acre site. Just a thought....Did you add labels on the design layer or are you labeling inside the viewport (annotations)?
  17. There are some good VWs channels on youtube - also if you dig deep enough in the service select tutorial videos you can find good info there. I have just messed around with them and haven't done much beyond that. .
  18. Thanks for the suggestions. The issue with a white line - is it will "block" out anything behind it (such as existing contours). I will play around with the suggestions.
  19. Questions: I drew a building outline to represent the school. I also offset that line and hatched it. 1: I do not want the inside heavy line - I want the hatch to just end without a line showing. I tried giving the line a 0 pen and when I went to hatch it made the line the same as the building outline. 2: Let's say I want to change the hatch to be the entire building (blue). I cannot delete the inside line to make the hatch fill the space? 3:After it's been hatched and I need to copy the outside building line - looks like the only way is to decompose the whole thing and then delete the inside line and then recompose to create the outside line. Looks like you need to save an original copy of the single line in order to be able to do things later down the road? Make sense? XA Outline test.vwx
  20. Do you know if there is a way that we can insert a stake for grading plans that allows us to drag and place the object so it has a leader line? As of right now I will place one and then have to reshape it to drag it where I want. See image. Also can you get the TW description to be at the back (105.25' TW)?
  21. I was wondering the same thing as we begin to compile office standards here for 2 seats of VWs. Right now we are just compiling individual VW files that have symbols we use daily in them and saving those files on our network and making it a favorite file in our resource manager (a file with our standard scale bars, a file with our storm inlet templates etc). Not sure if that is the easiest way but that is how we do it.
  22. My suggestion would be to send the file to tech support to see if they can publish it. If they can - then an issue on your end - but if they cannot - then a potential bug. But workarounds to export to older versions seems risky to me. For example if we have to upgrade our 2016 created resources to new 2017 (at least I have had to do that in order to use title blocks created in 2016) then could there be issues saving to older version to print?
  23. Does the forum page auto-refresh? Or do we have to hit our web browser refresh button? Sometimes I leave it on the home page for a while and come back and check it.
  24. That's what I am looking for. Thanks - I was searching create object. Thanks Pat!
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