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Lightwright 6 Data Exchange issues

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I have a VWX file & Lightwright file linked via the XML file for data exchange, but as I make edits in LW, I get an alert "Cannot create Dudley's LP v2017.xml Data Exchange has been turned off"  This happens even if I start a new LW file with the same data.  I'm almost at the point where I can turn data exchange off, but ... it is a rather large inconvenience.  

This was a VWX file that started in v2016 and was updated to v2017 after the scenic updates started getting pushed to me in v2017.

I'm also crossposting this in the Lightweight forum to see if anyone bites there.


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I'm still on LW 5 and getting the exact same problem.  Every time I leave VW (not quitting, just changing active app or toggling to LW) the "perform complete export on exit" button in spotlight prefs unchecks itself.


Was also using google drive... saved locally and they seem to be syncing consistently now.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

In Spotlight the "perform complete export on exit" will automatically uncheck itself every time. "On Exit" is NOT exiting the Vectorworks application, it is on exit of the preference dialog.

The option should not remain checked, it is a one time option within the dialog.

"perform complete export on exit" will automatically be selected if the data exchange is turned on and there is no xml file present.

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 LW requires continuos live access to the xml file. The small pauses of accessibility that are inevitable with any cloud based drive interrupts LW writing to the xml and then LW panics. Your best bet is to keep the xml file on your local drive. 

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