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Reporting marionette information on a worksheet

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

I've not found a way to do this yet, but would love to know how if it's currently possible.

It would be even more amazing if the worksheet where items were reported were bi-directional so that changing values in the worksheet would feed back to the nodes.


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  • Marionette Maven

Both of these are possible, although I'm not sure if all of the nodes you'd need have been created/shared. I do know that ahedley shared his worksheet nodes in his node pack that he posted a couple of months back, so those may be useful, I just haven't checked them all out.

To place values in a worksheet you would want to "set value" on a cell, and to get it would be "get value".

I'm out of the office until the 24th, but if this doesn't get resolved before I get back, I can mock something up.

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  • Marionette Maven

Sorry I didn't get back to this sooner, it fell off of my radar.

This isn't the most efficient way to do this, but I've attached a file that demonstrates one way you can accomplish this. I don't think we have anything else set up at the time.

The record attachment/modification takes place on the script level. Notice that the script inside of the Marionette objects is stored as a symbol so that you can modify the OIP controls to produce different objects while still retaining one master script.

In this script, I've attached a record format to the handle of the PIO (using Parent PIO - note: I don't think the one that is currently shipped with VW works as well as this variation, which I stole from Robert Anderson's skylight demo) and then created/updated fields as desired.

Please let me know if this doesn't make sense, it's the only method I could think of.

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Great Marissa/Robert, thanks for update

A (real-live) Example for this attached:

1. A Truss (Just "stupid" crop a Truss Geometry by a length)

2. Write the lenghts into a record field attached to the marionette object

3. Creating a list of all "custom-lenght" trusses.

Great product !


For those who care about the truss:

It's just a "control"-geometry with a 2m truss. And I just cut away the rest. So the limit for the truss is 1.999m. You can expand the control-geometry-truss to 20m as example and have an 19.999m truss ;)

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