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Marissa Farrell

Marionette Piano Key Layout

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Thought your keyboard needed a piano.

But I get 4 duplicates of my extrude along path which gives me 5 bodies and when I place your keyboard in it shows the 2D plan of keys as well as when I place it in location, well it seems as soon as you move the keyboard it creates a 2D plan, you will see.

Could you please have a look and put me out of my misery.


Edited by Alan Woodwell

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Well I got rid of the duplicates but not sure if its the right way to do this, so if you can point me in the right direction would be grateful. Tried adding lights but will have to have a little more practice.


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So the 2D shapes you were seeing exist because my original network sort of became a hybrid object. I wasn't able to keep this functionality once you incorporated your additions (which I LOVE by the way! Very impressive!)

What I changed in this file:

I grouped many of your output shapes, just to clean up the object a bit (I couldn't get the 'extrude along path' object to group without disappearing... so that still just exists as is.)

Inside of the "Keys" wrapper, I removed the 'copy' nodes from the script (that's where the 2D keys were coming from). I think that's all I did.

Don't hesitate to ask anything else on this! And if you continue to add to this piano, please show me! I'm very interested!

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hello the piano makers

I worked from your files (keys and shape)and added some. Still missing lots of parts!

Strange things are coming out.

Copy a "move" node from one file to the other gives an error pop up when I execute. If I delete the node and replace it with one from the Marionette palette No problem. if I copy from my own file No problem. Same with group.

The strange last thing when I execute everything is ok but for the piano side, would not appear. As you can see in the script I cut the last link and execute it alone: No problem

If you have any idea ?

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This is the work on the keyboard. It joins the Polygon origin problem found by Alan.

I am not a programmer but from what I read about Python it is a Tuple function in the Eval node that causes the impossibility of moving the poly. For no programmer (like me) Tuple means that the value you give stays even if you write later in the program to change it. So with the Sequence function nothing moves.

What I found (music) is that all white notes have a different size of key.

That’s why you have this huge list of vectors to start the keys.

Happy New Year again

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