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Custom Sidelights and Transoms


I'd like to see Doors further upgraded to include custom sidelights and transoms like we have for door leaves.

I'd also would love if we could control the muntin configuration for each panel in a custom sash setup or the ability to subdivide a transom into any number of sections. Right now if I were to make a custom 3 sash window and selected the transom buttom I'd get one long single transom. Don't want that. I would want 3 transoms to match the 3 sashes I put together.

You'll see in the pic attached that the 3 transoms on the window on the left are part of essentially a 6 panel custom sash window. If I were to allow muntin bars in those top 3 panels as well I'd get 1 vertical and 3 horizontals. I would only need 1 vertical.

See what you can do.

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There might be 24" from the very bottom of the door to where the glass panel in the door begins. Most often (in real life) the side lites match. can't do that in vector works. Can only give the side lites a uniform sash thickness. Not realistic.

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All of this would be so welcome here too. Especially marshigh's point about side lites.

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