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Making the change to 10

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I am currently using mac 9.2 w/ VWA 9.5.2 w/ renderworks & Landmark w/ HP500PS and all is working perfectly. By moving to VWA 10, I will need to buy a new mac which does not support system 9, upgrade to VWA 10, which I do not mind the investment, but what will happen to output to the HP500ps ?

I have tryed to read all on tech board but nothing seems to answer this specific question.


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Andesign, I do not know the answer regarding your 500ps, but I think that new macs will support OS 9 (as classic, or reboot) for a bit longer. Call APPLE to make sure. If this is so, the immediate answer to your question may be that you will print from OS 9 for a while until you can get a driver for OS X worked out. Peter

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I would recommend upgrading to VW10 and not worrying about OSX for now. You do not need OSX to run VW10.

I have been running VWA w/ renderworks in both OS9 and OSX. VW seems to have a little more snap in OS9 on my G4/400 than in OSX.

Re: the HP500ps, Keep your fingers crossed that GIMP print will support your printer in it's next update. I have been using GIMP with my HP455 ca in OSX and it works flawlessly.

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I've got "same" problems. But I did a partition of my HD in 3 part: 1-Mac OS X, 2-Mac OS 9, 3- documents (On a 20 GB disk, G4 PB). So I can run VW/landm.+RW with no problems into the 2 partitions. I use currently an old HP 755 CM, and I can run/use it with OS X with no problems (use the PPD from classic OS, when I installed the normal device of HP with the X CD). IMPORTANT, remeber do make some large (more than 5 GB) for OS X partition. For OS 9 do some part larger tha your actual system folder+application disk+applications documents). Julien - Switzerland

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The HP 500ps under OS 10 is not an occurance on all computers/files.

There is a memory related problem (we think) with the Rip Software and the print file size.

If you are working with large and complex files, you may have a problem related to memory and nothing will print, or only a portion of the page will print.

There are a few options for this problem. The best being to use Gimp Print to print to this printer.

It's not on the list of supported printers on the gimp print page, but it is in the list of available printers.

You can find out additional information at http://gimp-print.sourceforge.net/

The other alternative is to load OS 9 on your new computer. You should have an OS 9 install Cd from your current system which you can then load on the new computer. You can then run VW under OS 9 or OS 10 in classic mode.

There is also X RIP out there, however that is a purchase RIP software while Gimp Print is still free.

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The 500ps and 800ps are the same printer essentially. You can set up Gimp Print using either the 500ps or 800ps.

I've seen printing results that were just fine when using either of these under Gimp Print.

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Okay, I'm stumped. May NNA mods forgive my stealing this opportunity for querying fellow users, but...

Are there any users who have gotten a HP DJ500PS to work under OSX.2.x?

Both Gimp and GhostScript are installed.

I can print from an OSX workstation to an OS9 host, but not directly from an OSX machine to the plotter.

The 500PS -- connected via USB -- appears in the list as it should. Unfortunately, nothing comes out of the plotter, regardless of application.

I've tried setting up the plotter from both the Print Centre and the ESP CUPS printer admin centre. The admin centre does not show the 800; the closest are the 450, the 455, the 700, and the 750C (I've tried them with no success). Under Print Centre, I've tried selecting the 800PS3 in Library/Printers/PPDs/Resources/en.lproj but to no avail. What am I missing?


Any help would be appreciated to:


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