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  1. When using the wireless apple mighty mouse, the zoom and pan behavior could use a tune up. It's quite jerky and the zoom increment could be fine tuned.
  2. Brendan, I wouldn't rule out the Mac on this account. Scroll wheel support is fully supported on the Mac. NNA just needs to enable it within the classes window. Panning, Zooming, etc all work well using a 3 button scroll wheel mouse.
  3. Brendan, Are you on a Mac? Using Mac OSX 10.3.8, mouse wheel scrolling within the classes window does not work for me. It may be supported under Windows.
  4. I see that you can T, X or Y join walls together. Is there a way to join two co-linear walls together. I tried using the Join command with no success. The wall join modes don't work either. I know i could join them manually. Just curious if i've overlooked something simple.
  5. I have had a similar problem printing to an HP455ca via Gimp Print in MacOS X. The easiest workaround is to draw a rectangle as a border on your sheet layer. Keep the rectangle to the inside of the gray border. This method should allow you to print everything contained within the rectangle object.
  6. You could use the Compose command under the Tool menu. This will create a Polyline and allow you to apply fill attributes.
  7. Using Extensis Suitecase X1, you can create Font Sets. You could create a Font Set for VW and manually activate as required. I am not sure if auto-activation would work with VW.
  8. I really appreciate the addition of viewports and sheet layers in VW. It makes page layout and formatting much more flexible. I often create a set of pre-defined sheet layers that include title block information and other notes and formatting. Currently I have to create each sheet layer from scratch (configure print setup, copy paste between sheet layers etc...). I would like to see the addition of a 'Duplicate' button within the sheet layers window. This would allow me to setup my master sheet and make the minor modifications to the duplicate; not having to recreate each one from scratch.
  9. When using the Open command, the column view option does not allow resizing of the columns within Vectorworks. Most Mac applications allow resizing of the columns. I frequently have long filenames and would like the ability to widen the columns in order to view the full file name.
  10. The default window size of the classes window is quite small. The problem is you cannot resize the window. Also, you cannot scroll thru using a scroll wheel mouse. I would like to see: 1. Classes (and layers) windows to be made scaleable. 2. Scroll wheel mouse support for scrolling up and down.
  11. I would like to see a revised version of the Date/ Time Stamp tool. The current version is quite limited - you have to manually update it. And, now with viewports and sheet layers, you need to have multiple time stamps because sheet layers only allow 1 layer to be visible. I have tried the various vectorscript plug-ins. None of them really address the sheet layer issue. I am looking for the ability to place a Date/Time/Filename stamp on the drawing as an auto-updating footer that is independant of the active layer. Similar to the way Excel can timestamp a document at printing.
  12. It would be great if VW could get past the ancient 31 character filename limitation.
  13. Check out the following thread... http://techboard.nemetschek.net/ubb/ultimatebb.php?ubb=get_topic;f=22;t=000306
  14. macarchs, Did you enable postscript using the terminal. If not look at my post 2nd from the top. This will tell you how to do it.
  15. After some searching around on the GIMP site I found the following information that fixes the problem. "If you want to return to using the postscript loop you can use the terminal to set a default that will tell the 10.3.x print system to behave similarly to how things used to be in 10.2.x. Be aware that altering this setting may well affect all printer drivers on your system, and it may cause adobe acrobat to fail to print in certain circumstances. So, to make your legacy apps produce postscript, similarly to how they behaved in Jaguar, enter this command at a terminal prompt: defaults write NSGlobalDomain com.apple.print.apple.pictwpstopdf YES To return to the default "correct" behavior in Panther enter this command: defaults write NSGlobalDomain com.apple.print.apple.pictwpstopdf NO" This has worked for me.
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