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making a rock or boulder

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I made some rocks for a drawing a couple years ago.

I have no idea what they will look like in 12.5 and no way to check. They aren't great and probably won't stand up to very close scrutiny. But you are welcome to them.

You might be able to pull the 3d part of the symbols out and scale them to the size you need.

The file is too big to post in this forum. This link should download a v12 .mcd of the file.





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Thank you all so much. Michaelk I love those rocks...I hope I can pay it forward as much as I am grateful for these.

Would still love to know how to get Sketch up stuff in my models...WOW they sure have a lot of cool things in that 3-d warehouse!

huge thanks all!


VW 12.5.2

Mac OS X 10.6.8

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I don't still have 12.5.2 running on my machine, but...

If the file is a SketchUp 6 file...

Try this in a blank VW document:

File > Import > Import Sketchup... > Navigate to the Sketchup file > accept all the defaults.

It probably won't work for any Sketchup files made after v6.



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of course you don't! its a dinosaur! but works great for me now (it has to!)

I am getting this dialogue box when I try to import Sketch up telling me to "open in Rosetta"

I am in deadline mode and fear screwing my old version of VW up (not sure where the disks are and my burner is not working even if I did know) so will let this go until I get this done.

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You need to be running VW under Rosetta for the Sketchup Import to function.

But Rosetta is no longer available for OS 10.7 or later so you might be out of options there.

If you find a rock you like post back and someone will run the conversion for you.

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I have been using these and others I found on the internet years ago probably when I was using VW 12

Here in oz we have granite which are grey but you can change the color

Normally they are brown

Recently for a project I was fiddling around with renders

They are meshes and may be a little mucked up

See how you go


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thanks Ozzie I will save them for a rainy day and sure hope they are helpful others. I ended up going the old school route printing some rocks of Michaelk's (and Google's) and pasting them in. Client happy for now but I will need these 3-d suckers shortly!



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