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Roof - gable dormers

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OK, so, please see attached file. I'm hoping there are some genius VW users out there that can help me (you know who you are).

What I have is a huge gable roof with three connected gable ends at the front entry. At least this is the desire. The two outside gable ends I created with the create roof tool simply by creating a shape and using the tools. The center gable currently is created with the roof face tool and the lower wall will extend up to it creating a large entry gable.

I previously tried to create this middle gable with the dormer tool. It quite frankly looked like and I wasn't showing that to a client, let alone a contractor. Any thoughts?

Always appreciated!!


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I think I have it figured out. Rather than trying to use the dormer tool, which kind of sucks by the way, I created two roof profiles and a new wall on the attic plan. This way I can add whatever kind of window I want as a plug-in object rather than having to create a symbol.

What I don't know how to do now is get rid of the sloped roof under the gable. I know I can do it by ungrouping the roof and clipping it out, but then I lose all control over my roof object....

Does anyone know of a way to do this? Image attached.

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Recreating the roof object was easy. I wasn't terribly worried about that.

And I did clip the roof FACE. It converted it to a solid subtraction.

First I created the roof via the create roof tool. Then I ungrouped the object into separate roof faces. then created the 2d polygon in plan view and then performed the clip surface while in edit mode.

Where did I go wrong?


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You must be in a top/plan view for the roof face to remain as a roof face (same as a floor object for example). Check to make sure you are not in a top view which would create a solid subtraction.

I take a copy of the original objects (pre clipping or whatever action I am taking) and I place them into a class which has the visibility turned off. This class gets deleted when everything is complete.

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I too have been aware of the Fit To Objects on same layer issue but recently had great success after forgetting to move the roof to it's own layer. Did it several times and it worked without incident or weirdness. This is on VW 2012. I thought wow maybe they fixed this...right before I realized I didn't like the roof on the same layer anyway (from a visibility standpoint).

But perhaps they HAVE fixed it? Mine was not a complicated roof, I must say.

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It has always worked fine for me on 2012 (roof on same layer as walls). Maybe I just got lucky which I why I thought that was how it was supposed to work. Just looking at it again it works fine either on the same or a different layer in 2012 whether it is a roof or extrude etc. Pleased they changed the name in 2013 to fit to objects (fit walls to roof was misleading)

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