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J. Wallace

Object send to surface

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That's great Brian. I followed your advice but I still get a benched look. The grade I'm trying to place these barriers on is approx an 8% grade. I raise the Nurbs curve by half the height of the barrier as the insertion point of the curve into the barrier seems to be at the mid point.

The challenge continues....

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Good morning Jamie,

are you certain they're not hybrid symbols?

can you post a file with the nurbs curve & one symbol for us?

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Good morning to you Brian. Thank you very much for all the time and effort you have put into this question.

Yes it is a 3d symbol, I even took your symbol from your attached file and used it. See attached.

I suppose the 8% grade makes this application a bit tougher.

Not sure what adjustments I could make at this point.

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are you placing a new symbol from the RB before running DAP or are you using one that's already on the Design Layer (and rotated)?

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Thank you Brian for helping me out with this. A long distance call (on your nickle) and a half hour on Skype did the trick.

Attached is the exciting finished product. For anyone trying to do this in the future here is what was done:

Rebuilt symbol (as Brian showed me on Skype) and ensured it was laying flat. Symbol was made by using a polygon and extruding. The previous symbol was a solid subtraction.

Placed a Nurbs curve on the edge of my model (road edge)were I wanted the barriers to be and raised the elevation by half the height of the symbol. If you don't do this the symbol will duplicate along path using its mid point and it will sink the symbol into the surface.

Imported symbol into drawing in top plan view.

Selected both and DOP checking tangent.

Works perfectly. I added 1" to the object spacing so you can see the individual segments.

Wow... can't believe this is done.

Thanks to all.

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Just discovered one crucial step.

When placing the symbol into the drawing, in top view click and place, do not rotate or change the way the symbol wants to place itself within the drawing. I found if I place and rotate this symbol it will not lay flat on the surface, it wants to step up with the grade.

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