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Trying to reference a worksheet from an existing file.

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I'm trying to reference a worksheet from an existing file.

The worksheet uses database rows. I've tried referencing the file and the layer of the worksheet using a viewport. The viewport of the worksheet does import, but none of the database information shows. Does anyone know what I might be doing wrong?

Thanks in advance.

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Does the Worksheet appear in the Resource Browser of the new file? If not try manually importing it through the Resource Browser.

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Lets say I'm trying to reference WorksheetA (from FileA) into FileB. While FileB is active I will choose FileA in the resource browser and right click the WorksheetA resource. It will allow me to import the worksheet, but the "reference" option is grayed out. If I import the worksheet it will not be imported with any database information from FileA.

(notice how 'Reference' is grayed out)


So I tried an alternative route. I tried setting up a reference to WorksheetA through the "Organization" menu. In FileB I go to Organization>References. I click New and Add FileA to my reference list.

Then in FileB I create a new Viewport. The Viewport "source" is existing reference file "FileA" I choose the layer that WorksheetA is on and click 'OK'

A viewport is created in FileB. It shows WorksheetA but does not include any database information.

This is what WorkSheetA looks like in FileA (notice the database information it contains)


This is what WorksheetA looks like when in FileB (notice there is no database information. I am trying to get that information to carry over from FileA to FileB)


I would like to have the Worksheet and its information available on a separate file. I know I could export it, but I wouldn't be able to have the ability to update the Worksheet through the reference so I would have to export it each time there is a change.

Any ideas?

Thanks for your help

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I don't think its possible what you're trying to do.

What I do, is keeping the original worksheet in FileB. As the referenced layers from FileA update, so does fileB, and when recalculating the worksheet the changes will become visible in FileB.

I also change the worksheet in FileB only, as you don't need it in A anyway. But I understand its not so "user-friendly" uh

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Due to Layer and Class criteria not represented across files unless the files themselves are referenced prohibits Worksheets from being referenced. The Criteria List would not have available those layers or classes. You can import and replace then change criteria in order to keep formatting similar across files.

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Hey! I did what you suggested and got the information to come over.

1. I kept the original worksheet in FileB.

2. I referenced FileA along with the Layers I that were associated with the schedule database information.

3. My criteria now allowed me to include those referenced Layers from FileA.

4. I set up the criteria correctly and once i Updated and Recalculated the information arrived.

So it works, but I am unable to edit the referenced database information in FileB. The information is locked (grayed).

Thanks everyone for your help!

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So it works, but I am unable to edit the referenced database information in FileB. The information is locked (grayed).

That's because you can't permanently change items in layers from FileA while being in file B. The same as you manually go to those referenced layers you get the message your changes will be undone the next time you update or reopen the file. For that you would need the same worksheet in both files.

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Just a shot in the dar. What if you did this:

- Place the Worksheet on the Drawing on File A

- Save the Worksheet on the drawing as a symbol

- Open File B

- Import the Symbol of the Worksheet from File A into FIle B

This all presuppose that the Class & other information called for in the Database in File A is present in File B


Have you Copied & Pasted the Database information from one Worksheet to the other?

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I've made symbols of information to be referenced into a worksheet in the first file (FileB). Then not just imported the symbol but imported as a reference into the second file (FileA). Then placed that symbol into the drawing in FileA.

Now a worksheet located in File A sees and pulls in all the data that is in the referenced symbol that is still located in FileB as long as its criteria is searching inside symbols.

The referenced symbol can be edited from File A and the changes can then be sent back to File B. Or the symbol can be edited in File B and the reference then updated in File A.

With the fairly recently added ability to edit symbols 'in place' while seeing it in context with the surrounding objects it may no longer be very cumbersome to work with many objects scattered about a plan that are placed into a single symbol in order to facilitate the above.

I haven't done this with architectural data but I have done this in order to get sheet data referenced from many different files into a single file in order to generate a single Drawing Title worksheet.


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