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EDIT VIEWPORT - i lost the red border


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I installed 2013 last week and read up on most of the new features, but haven't seen a reference to this problem:

I used "Create Viewport" to create a viewport of a plan, the same as I used to do in 2012. Now its on a sheet and I cannot edit it - I don't get the dashed red outline to grab on to.

I can only highlight through the navigation tool, but I can't do anything with it. True of Site Plans and Floor Plans.

Section VP are working fine - they were created from the plan VPs.

Elevation VP was created by duplicating a plan VP and showing in front view - there is no problem editing those.

Is there a new procedure in 2013 I'm not familiar with?

Is there a way to save this back to 2012 so I can be productive for tomorrows meeting?


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Hi Jonathan -

(I've watched a few of your podcasts and followed one of your training manuals - love the clarity of your presentations!)

I see the viewport - when I select it with the Selection Tool, OIP shows Class is None

One of the hidden classes (custom named) will allow me to edit the viewport.

But I'm not able to change the Class of the viewport.

So, being early enough in the process, and thanks to you I found how to edit the viewport, I saved all the annotations, and placed new viewports I created in the None class.

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I have read a post from a couple of years ago about cropping viewports. I am still having problems. I am working in 2008 ... I know it is old but I like it... I create a viewport in a sheet layer. In the viewport I can see what is on my design layer and I can adjust the scale but I can not crop the box. there are no handles. I have made sure that all the classes are visible in all of the different places. Still nothing. What I have noted from another drawing that I imported that has viewports is that there in the Obj window when the viewport is selected next to crop it say "yes" and in the original drawing that I am working on it says "no" but there is no option to click it to yes. Also in the imported drawing when I have the organization window up, under viewports you can see all the viewport in this file and one says source and I can't edit that one. So I guessed that the viewport is one the design layer and the rest of them are on the different sheets. I am obviously new to viewports in vectorworks. I remember way back when I used to use Auto cad that I liked them so I would like to start using them in my current draftings. Any help here would be great.


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If you did not create the viewport with a crop, you can add a crop.

On the Sheet Layer, dbl click on any of the geometry (except text) in the view.

The Viewport Edit dialog opens. Choose Edit Crop.

The screen changes to show items in the viewport.

Drag a rectangle (or other closed 2d object) to enclose the area desired.

Click OK

View returns to sheet layer.

In the OIP, click the Show Crop box if you want the crop to be visible in the viewport.

If you need to remove the crop, change its location or shape, or otherwise edit, dbl click the VP to edit again.

Another access to viewport edit is Right Click on item in the VP. Near the bottom of the pulldown will be choices for Edit Annotations, Edit Crop, Edit Design Layer. Drag thru the list to pick the one you want.

Good Luck! Post back if it's not working.


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