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elevation model in shade...


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Quick question...I have my 3d model made and am setting up sheets. I referenced the model into the drawing that I had set up for my elevations, changed the model views (2,6,4,8) and created viewports for each elevation. I set the background render to final shaded polygon in Object Info, but 2 of the elevations are in shade. Is there an easy way to resolve this without creating lights to illuminate these sides? I suppose I could choose hidden line to avoid this problem, but would like to use color.

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Ah! Btw is it possible to have different sun positions (i.e.. times) for the same sun in different viewports.

Eg. To get a more realistic representation of the different views I would like to have different sun positions from the same sun to 'light' up the respective facades at different times.....this would make using several heliodon objects unnecessary.

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Man that is a great looking and composed drawing Vincent C! Nice design too.

I have to try this out. I've never actually printed full size sheets in color though, I'm usually composing all the drawings to look good in B&W only construction documents and just use smaller printed sheets or computer screen for rendered model views.

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Thanks guys :)

Generally drawings are submitted in black and white here too, but I find that most parties involved appreciate color, especially government employees (the ones we need to convince most ;) ) So I find colour prints worth the extra money.

Been experimenting with this for a while. I've always found the rendered view too dominant so I started out with 2 viewports superimposed with a white rectangle with a certain opacity in between, then I went to 2 viewports superimposed (the example above) but with adjusted lighting. Now I've fine-tuned one viewport to fit my taste. Settings can be found attached.

To get textures and shadows to show darker reduce image exposure (and perhaps the emitter brightness too) in the background render settings.

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