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I'm trying to create walls using the 'wall tool'. I've set the thickness to 400mm but i don't want to the opposite line of the wall to mirror the line that i draw out. How do I make it so that i can change shape of the wall so that it's not 400m the whole way around??

When i make the shape i want with a 2d tool and extrude...i can't insert windows or doors properly.

Any help appreciated, fairly new to v.w!

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Hi Florag,

what version of VW are you using - it's helpful to know.

If I understand your question you're trying to draw walls of varying thickness - is this correct?

If so, it's possible in later versions of VW by drawing a 2d polygon atop your wall representing the thickness you want to remove, select this and the wall, right click and Clip Surface.

The resulting wall with accept the insertion of windows & doors.

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The basic wall tool will not do this, but you can to do it by adding a Wall Projection (only available in 2011 Industry Series Products).See attached for example. To do this I drew a triangular shape in top/plan view then selected the wall and the shape and ran the command: AEC>Create Wall Projection...

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