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  1. I'm using vw 2009 and fast rendering with shadows is taking forever to do it's job. It wasn't so bad a few hours ago... I don't even want to try final render quality as it might take hours. How can i speed the process up?
  2. I'm using vw 2009 and i need to create a cushion/pillow to fit on top of this curved corner seat (see image attachment) Any help would be much appreciated as I'm clueless! Thanks!
  3. Many thanks guys! I wasn't rendering it in final quality as well, now it looks way better.
  4. Simply trying to apply a glass tinted texture to a wall. Have selected my plain colour (light blue)...but after clicking 'ok' it still shows as a gradient from blue to black (please see attachment) how do i solve this so that it is just one tinted colour with no gradient?
  5. florag

    Wall Tool

    Many thanks for all your help and suggestions everyone, i'll give them a go ...and seriously consider updating my vw.
  6. florag

    Wall Tool

    I'm using vw 2009 Hmm It's hard to describe, but i'm trying to recreate this plan in floor plan and 3d. (please see attachment) The Walls (shaded grey) are not continuously the same width...
  7. florag

    Wall Tool

    Hi! I'm trying to create walls using the 'wall tool'. I've set the thickness to 400mm but i don't want to the opposite line of the wall to mirror the line that i draw out. How do I make it so that i can change shape of the wall so that it's not 400m the whole way around?? When i make the shape i want with a 2d tool and extrude...i can't insert windows or doors properly. Any help appreciated, fairly new to v.w!
  8. thanks, yeah I'm steadily learning I'm onto stairs next ...i'm using a platform U shape stairs. But i wanted to create 3 or 4 platforms in between each set of steps to get up to the next level and it appears to only give one platform in the preview box.. Do you know what I have to change to do this?
  9. ahh think i've sorted it now, i don't think it was recognizing my walls as 'walls'! Thanks for your help!
  10. everything seems to be checked as visible on the 'navigation' tab. Does the jamb depth have to be the same as the wall (400mm) perhaps?
  11. got as far as setting the class to 'clear glass texture' (couldn't find the 'use at creation' button) But re rendering and the window still disappears and leaves a grey wall. What other things to I need to check i've done...?
  12. Thats brilliant, thanks. When i render the room (open GL) the window stays gray. Do i have to add a clear glass rendering texture to it? I thought inserting the window in the wall would cut the window shape through it...?
  13. Thank you!! One more question how do I create the 36 window panes in the square window and the 22 panes in the top rounded window frame? Thanks again!
  14. Hi, I'm using vectorworks 2009 (bit of a newbie) I'm trying to create windows using the window tool. I have managed to create a 6x6 pane window in the sqaure shape. But can't figure out how to do the same for the round window. I have attached a picture of the windows to show you what I am aiming for. Any help would be much appreciated, thanks
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