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Delta Z Out of whack


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When I double click the layer through the Tools>Organization the Z & DZ just confirms the settings/heights I have input? Each wall when I select it shows up with a strange DZ in the OIP. For instance my 2nd floor walls in the OIP are DZ-4" , Z=11'-0" which relates to ... nothing I have input?

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I think it's confused by the 12' 1/2" z value and is reading it somewhere as 12.5", 12'1/2"-12.5"=11', I don't know where the error is but perhaps if you re-set all you z and delta Z values to 0 and then back again you might get the software to reset the values correctly.

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Hi Jeremy, if your file is small enough could you attache here? Or try this: you should be able to edit the z and delta z of a design layer via the layer setup dialog (double click on each layer and change values as needed). Then select all of your walls (in each layer) and make sure they are at bottom z = 0....

Sometimes I find that erroneous values can end up in the OIP when I try (but fail) to exit the OIP and return to the drawing. I often use the number keys to set 3d views, or return to top/plan and if I unintentionally still in the OIP when I hit the numbers some odd things can result...

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Jeremy, for some reason, whenever a wall is moved up or down after windows or doors have been inserted the windows and doors stay put, but their "height" in the OIP changes. VW's has behaved like this for as long as I can remember (it's almost never a desired behavior). The only solution is to change the "height" field of the windows or doors back to 0. In your case it looks as if you might have moved the walls 11ft up? In any case, changing the values back to 0 ought to solve it.

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