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Although we haven't seen the layout of the rendering engine within vw2011, the site below could be an indication of the possiblities of the C4D rendering engine. I was amazed at the closeness of the renderings to Vray.


I'm not sure how much control of the rendering engine we will have from within vw but the tutorials could be helpful however they apply more to C4D than vw. Anyway, I think it's worth a look at least.

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I tried the new Rendoworks. But there is a lot of noise in the renderings.

how can i post an image here?

Can you (anyone) see/check if what they say is true Final Quality Renderworks 5-7 times faster, has anyone actually tried?

To post an image click on File Manager below the reply window....

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Noise is there especially in the shadow areas. Very similar to the unbiased renderers such as maxwell, arion etc. I don't see an option where with more rendering time the noise can be reduced. I was hoping to part ways with artlantis after i heard about the C4D engine, but i guess not yet.

In the final renderworks comparison between 2009 and 2011, I think 2011 has a 20% advantage

I Think in the radiosity type rendering VW2011 could be 4-5 times faster. For one, it is using all the cores now.

But this noise issue is a serious let down. i hope i am doing something wrong here, or i should fiddle with some settings.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

It looks like the bump amplitude is too large (in the View-0 image), I bet the noisy bumpy reflections will go down with lower bump strength.

If you are using an HDRI environment for lighting then when Indirect Lighting is off you will see grain similar to 2010. Turning on Indirect Lighting will remove the grain. Or, you can use the Environment Lighting quality setting in the Custom RW Options to bump it up to Very High if you don't want to use Indirect Lighting (but that is easier). FQRW uses a High setting for the environment lighting which may show a little grain when Indirect Lighting is off.

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Thanks Dave,

I'll try those settings. still try the permutations of the settings to see what affects what.

View 0 actually is an artlantis render. Bump on the wood shader could be reduced. I put it there to compare the noise.

i could not figure our the "comments in the upload images"

Sorry for the confusion. And thanks again.

I will try again and post.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Check out the baked C4D skies in Libraries->Defaults->Renderworks - Backgrounds->HDRI Backgrounds.vwx, and try turning off ambient.

For good glass, set the texture Color shader to a black color, Reflectivity: Glass and Transparency: Glass.

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view no.4 and no.5 are from 2011 and 2009 respectively. View no. 4 has a background..other wise both files are identical. 2011 did it in 8 secs. and 2009 did in about 10. In "Final quality renderworks" with now indirect lighting i don't see a 500% increase so far.

Shadows in Open GL is great. If you do not care for reflections too much it like realtime "Final quality renderworks"

Do non RW users get that? in VW2011

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In "Final quality renderworks" with now indirect lighting i don't see a 500% increase so far.

I don't remember Nemetschek specifying that you would get an increase of 500% with direct light (raytracing). The C4D render engine calculates indirect light faster than the Lightworks engine, this is where you will see the difference.

The reason why the Lightworks engine was not up to par, is not because of its raytracing capabilities. It was because you could not use it *at all* for radiosity calculations.

As Dave pointed out, the noise you get is because you use an HDRI without any GI calculations. You have to use at least one bounce to make them go away. You had the exact same result with the Lightworks engine, BTW: if you used an HDRI without radiosity, you would get a grainy image too.

One last thing: when you make a render, please don't use the ambient light option. It makes your rendered result look fake.

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