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  1. thanks grant. Normally the GPU questions on this forum go unanswered. I see that you yourself are using a Quadro card. What are your experiences with and without the card. Considering that Quadros are multi thousand dollar cards, what do they add to the vectorworks experience. Is it also that, the card is more useful for very big models in VW and not particularly useful (or value for money) if one is only doing small residential work. Thanks again.
  2. Planning to make a hackintosh to run VW specifically. Using a core i7 3770 with HD4000 graphics. Is anything other than the OpenGL rendering accelerated by the GPU in VW. I would like to know if there are any advantages to going with AMD over Nvidia. And is a card like gtx 680 an overkill for VW. I wouldn't mind using OpenGL with shadows in the best settings all the time, if it is smooth with a high end card. Any insight will be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  3. Ok the bug is: If you have anti aliasing enabled for open gl. It does not print, nor does it show in image export. as far as the transparency, The texture which was in the vw 2011 file does not render properly in 2012 but if it is reapplied in 2011 then it works.
  4. in my experience so far. It is every bit as unstable as vw2011. It has crashed on me about four times in the last 24 hours. The it seems to be a little less responsive than 2011.
  5. Thanks mike. But i do have Renderworks.
  6. First of all the moment you switch to perspective view, the background changes to light green. Am i missing a setting? Transparency is not working in Open GL. In VW2011 tranparency id working in Open GL but it is not printing. I am using open gl with shadows and showing the lines.
  7. First of all the Section viewport on design layer is a really welcome feature and in my opinion gets VW very close to archiCAD. on that front. I am having a particular issue with creating a viewport of a Design layer section viewport. Basically in the viewport of the viewport the cutting plane polygon is not visible. As shown by the two images. Surprisingly when i choose a Wireframe or a Hidden line Rendering the section plane appears the way it should. Am i doing something wrong here, or is there another way of doing it. Also i would like to dimension the section plane in 3D in the design layer so that the dimensions are aligned. If i chose to change the view of the cutaway section. So far when i have tried it the dimension does not snap to the points of the section plane. Any ideas for this will be very welcome
  8. ya thanks Pat. I was writing this post for a long time...so did not read your post, which appears before mine.
  9. Thanks for all the help. I figured what i was doing wrong. I had created created a section viewport to be put on a sheet layer ( by making the section line outside the building) What worked was that i had to make a normal viewport to be inserted on a sheet layer and change the view to front in the object info palette ( i was earlier looking to change the view in the "top" view dropdown menu.) and then use the section viewport command, to display it on a sheet layer. In fact you can cut the section viewport on the sheet layer and choose it to be displayed on design layer also. That way you can have 3D perspective view of the horizontal section. Thanks again.
  10. Okay...i have tried what you guys suggested. This is what happens. 1. When I cut the section in the design layer to a another design layer....the model appears in the target design layer...i switch the view to front and select the create section viewport command ...the view automatically changes to plan. 2. When I cut the section in the design layer to a sheet layer....the model appears as elevation in target sheet layer... now to cut a horizontal section i should be able to change to a elevation view...but the view drop down menu is fixed on top/plan. So i am not able to cut another section. Am i missing something here. Thanks for all your help.
  11. could you explain that a little more?
  12. Is there a way one can 3D horizontal sections through building. Showing a 3D plan cut at a arbitrary height.
  13. i used to take my Pismo to the site. when i had started work. Actually it will be easier to protect something without a physical keypad. I would request other vectorworks users to put in their requests in this thread so that NVA can get an ipad app out ASAP.
  14. I am sure we will have it someday. To begin with NVA could come out with a VW viewer. What i am thinking though is that...one could use the "AutoCAD WS mobile" with the dwg export import option with VW. Any one who has played with the ipad, realises that iPAD is the future of mainstream computing. i don't see making all drawing on the iPad though, but it could be excellent for taking drawing to construction sites.. making changes in the drawing at the site itself. Some conceptual design could be done vey well on the iPad. i am using "air display)" on the ipad to use it as a second monitor. I Put the navigation, object info, and resources palettes on it. I am sure all VW users will find it very useful.
  15. They are playing with the trial version. like me :-)
  16. dhruv


    view no.4 and no.5 are from 2011 and 2009 respectively. View no. 4 has a background..other wise both files are identical. 2011 did it in 8 secs. and 2009 did in about 10. In "Final quality renderworks" with now indirect lighting i don't see a 500% increase so far. Shadows in Open GL is great. If you do not care for reflections too much it like realtime "Final quality renderworks" Do non RW users get that? in VW2011
  17. Sorry, i don't have 3DS. Is there any other way i can check it.
  18. dhruv


    Thanks Dave, I'll try those settings. still try the permutations of the settings to see what affects what. View 0 actually is an artlantis render. Bump on the wood shader could be reduced. I put it there to compare the noise. i could not figure our the "comments in the upload images" Sorry for the confusion. And thanks again. I will try again and post.
  19. posted some samples on http://techboard.vectorworks.net/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=144966#Post144966
  20. dhruv


    Noise is there especially in the shadow areas. Very similar to the unbiased renderers such as maxwell, arion etc. I don't see an option where with more rendering time the noise can be reduced. I was hoping to part ways with artlantis after i heard about the C4D engine, but i guess not yet. In the final renderworks comparison between 2009 and 2011, I think 2011 has a 20% advantage I Think in the radiosity type rendering VW2011 could be 4-5 times faster. For one, it is using all the cores now. But this noise issue is a serious let down. i hope i am doing something wrong here, or i should fiddle with some settings.
  21. dhruv


    I tried the new Rendoworks. But there is a lot of noise in the renderings. how can i post an image here?
  22. it seems to me that, so far i am the only one missing the feature. I thought that this feature had been removed from the macbook air only. But from the photos of the latest macbooks and macbook pros, apple has done away with it on all its laptops.
  23. I recently bought the macbook air. Unfortunately the fn-numeric key functionality is missing. Though it may not be a big deal on other apps, but this is a major handicap using vectorworks. Any one has any ideas how to get around this.
  24. Is there anyone here who is using both, VWA and ArchiCAD. If so, please try to explore the exchange of 3D data between the programs using IFC.
  25. does it support multicore/multiple processors for radiosity and/or final gather.
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