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best iMac for VW2010

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i need a bit of help here. I am about to purchase a new iMac but i am confused which configuration to choose. Should i get more CPU(3.60GHz i5) or more cores (2.8GHz Quad-Core i5, i7?). What do you think about video card? Because i don't like the 27" screen(i feel it is just too big), but the 21.5" model goes only with 512MB video card? Isn't that too little (occasionally i work with photoshop, render in Artlantis)?

Primary i work with VW2010 Landmark. Thank you for all advices.


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do you think? I had a 30" ACD and it was just too much. It had counter effect on my work performance because i had to move my head (instead of eyes) to see opposite corners of display:) So thats why i am a little worried. And what about the CPU? Can VW use 4cores of processor? Or is it better to go with more CPU?

Thank you anyway.

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Aloha, Peter:

If I understand it correctly?from some of the previous posts?VW (at least up to 2010) do not take advantage of the multiple core processors. However, Renderworks does utilize all the cores when rendering.

You can always utilize the desktop real estate for other windows such as Mail etc. I utilize the extra space by having large VW window to reduce panning and zooming.

Each one of us work differently, the best choice is what makes you feel comfortable.

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Generally, applications rely more on CPU and games rely more on the GPU. Having said that, the GPU is becoming increasingly utilised in taking load off the CPU but is dependent on many things - hardware drivers, OS etc.

Rendering I understand uses the CPU - the new version of renderworks will use the Cinema4D engine which should be a huge improvement.

I would go with the 2.8Ghz i5 with the 5750 at 1Gb for future proofing.

Processors become quickly out of date whereas the Dram for the card will be current for longer. Best bang for buck. (alternatively wait until USB3 gets included in the imac)

I also read somewhere of VW users having trouble with i7 processors but can't find where I read it.

I agree with you that the 27" seems a bit big. I have a 24" imac and its perfect as far as size goes.

More of a concern for me though - What about the gloss screen, is it a problem for those that have the 27"?

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my two cents .. I just bought a 27" iMac i7 (refurb) and I love the screen size ... except everyone is forgeting to mention that the higher resolution makes all the icons, pallets, and menu bar items be smaller and you have to have good eyesight and more accurate mouse movements to hit the icons. (I never got around to memorizing all the hotkeys). You can make the resolution smaller (and the icons bigger) but that defeats the purpose. I was anxious about the screen reflections and that turned out to be no problem ... even when lighting is bad, somehow my eyes adjust so the reflections don't bother me.

PS: don't forget the standard iMac comes with a keyboard that doesn't have a numeric keypad .. a slight irritant. I was not able to get used to the "majic Mouse" (trackpad) and went back to my older "mighty mouse" (scroll ball)

PS: to see the i7 render a 3D image is a thing of delight (and speed) .... eight cores (4 virtual) all going at once.

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