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Text Call Out Tool VW 2010 ---Lousy

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I may be wrong .... but... I got the latest VW version 2010 and tried to place a call out in a section viewport, and to my surprise I couldn?t wrap the text vertically ... it only lets me write horizontally ..... Is this a BUG?

I cant believe they changed this .... if I?m wrong ....

I imported files from v2009 and same goes .... tried to edit the callout and all the letters bunched up in one line ....... ?'*#@!?

looked for vertical spacing input constraints and all ... in the prefs for the tool and ..... nothing

HELP!!!!!!! I cant write out nice neat well spaced call outs for my details in any viewport!!!!

I?m really mad!

here?s an example ... had to place the callout within the ceiling structure so it would fit in the viewport....

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Tried that .... didn?t work ... the letters just bunch up on each other, making the text illegible....

Before there used to be a spacing option button and menu ... which has now disappeared in the Object Info palette...


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Ow...didn?t try that .... I?ll get back with an answer....

In any case I used Futura originally and changed to Avante Garde ... and that didnt work...

I?ll try Arial...

I?ll see what the font manager says about corrupted fonts..

BTW ... I work on a MacBook PRO (Intel)

Thanks for the tip... Robert ... or Bob?

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"Before there used to be a spacing option button and menu ... which has now disappeared in the Object Info palette..."

I believe the spacing options are (and were, at least back to VW12) for the keynote object that is created when Place As Keynote is selected in the callout preferences, rather than for the callout itself.

Personally I find this tool to be vitally useful in 2D production drawings, and the ability to use database notes a wonderful enhancement.

Dan J.

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