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  1. Hi, Would be great to have custom sill settings for the windoor tool to be able to create windows with raking sills like you can for the head in form settings, cheers
  2. A simple dialog box within VW would work good to go into at any stage to see hours to date
  3. Thats why i set my autosave to 2minutes so as soon as the next auto save kicks in after the last command or tool used it must not kick in again until another command/tool is used/activated, so if nothing activates it then it must sit dormant until use resumes. this is how i can use it at present to track but it is very slow. This is my point, for a tool/command that can be configured to auto track these movements & with one click, movements can be viewed. This will not only benefit sole designers like myself, but probably also large companies that desire the need to track employee usage, maybe, lol sorry to the employees that hate me for this post.
  4. I have this checked to log time in program & set autosave to every 2 minutes. This shows up in the log file so if you are away for more that 5 mins or so it stops saving or doesn't show in log file, this is how i keep track at present if i forget to monitor my hours, i look back in this log file. If this info is going to a log file than surely it can be calculated.
  5. Not sure about the crash logs but there needs to be a command/tool in VW that opens a dialog box & reveals a calc for current file
  6. Hi is there any way to calculate the total job hours spent on an individual file. I know there is a log file to look back on but this is a very slow process if you are spending months on a job & multiple jobs. It would be a very constructive to tool to have in vectorworks to be able to look at hours spent to date at any time or to monitor hours spent especially if hourly charge out rates apply or to guide your overall charges based on hours or to total up at end of jobs, please look at creating this for next version, I'm sure thousands of other users would benefit from this. If the function of the log file is already active then must be possible to be auto calculated per file internally, thanks.
  7. I am trying to create a cladding recess above a windoor object which is inserted in a wall. The exterior walls are cladded in brick veneer apart from above any windows & doors which i am trying to show as horizontal weatherboards cladding recessed in from brick veneer, please see attached VWX 2013 file. Windoor doesn't seem to have any settings to allow for this head recess. I am trying to avoid having to make custom 3D symbol extrudes inserted in the wall above the windows to substitute this recessed cladding (whcih i have done for this example). Has any one got any ideas, Windoor would be great if it incorporated this as a geometry setting. This detail pops up alot as is a popular cladding choice.
  8. Is it possible to create a vector script to allow auto renumbering sheet layers. At present i have a template which has 30 sheet layers which amounts to a 30 sheet drawing set. as every job is different some sheets get deleted for each job & renumbering each individual sheet takes alot of time. A script to do this would be very quick.. say if i deleted 5 sheets then the script could auto renumber remaining sheets from A01-A25 in the order that they are set in the navigation palette. If this is possible, any one have any ideas on how to write a script of this nature.. i am pretty much in the dark when it comes to script writing. Cheers
  9. Auto renumbering of sheet layers when deleting unwanted sheet layers from a template would also be a huge time saver i.e having sheets 001-030 & deleting 5 sheets would renumber the set 001-025
  10. Is there any way to be able to apply text attributes to a class. There is no setting for this in edit class dialog. Also to assign text & many other tools like calloutsetc to a class on creation as a document setting would be great would be great to see these in next release (2014)
  11. Is there any way to setup vectorworks to automatically renumber all sheet layers. Say if you had 30 sheets layers for drawings setup in a template & you needed to delete say 5 sheets that were not needed. Can vectorworks automatically- renumber the remaining sheet layers from sheet 001-025. If not, would be great to see incorp. into next release
  12. I was actually talking about vectorworks. But thanks, good to know the performance of other programs
  13. Thats sounds good. Even if the external profile as set up as another wall component in wall style pref. & you could have a hole range of different wall profiles saved as symbols i.e. bevel back w/b, shiplap, horizontal corrugate or other steel roofing profiles which in NZ quite often get used as wall claddings. Then on the other hand how long will this stretch out rendering times to produce more realistic 3D images as reaslistic renderings with renderworks are already time consuming enough at the mo... Only if they could add these new features & remain with fast realistic renderings without having to upgrade to 100 core processors (bit of an exaggeration). Cheers
  14. This tool seems to be only a one way street. When you create a detail viewport of say a cross section at a larger scale on another sheet layer it gives you an auto referenced label to navigate from the cross section to find the detail viewport with a drawing label which is cool? but, not from the detail viewport back to the cross section, instead it gives you a reference to the same sheet that the detail viewport is on which is not much use at all. This is important to have for builders & other contractors who use your documents to be able to navigate both ways as when they come across the detail sheet layer they think where does this detail relate to? (if you haven't put in a label manually). Cheers
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