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Animations - Artlantis or Cinema 4D

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I would like to build a model in Vectorworks and then turn this model into a construction sequence animation. The model is already done.

i.e. starting with the concrete piles disappearing into the ground, the ground beams then being cast. The walls being built upwards and then in simple terms the roof coming from the sky to its final resting place.

A lot of the packages I have been looking at are simple movies along a line, or that you have simple object animation (turning around itself). There used to be an application years ago that was very simple to use and would have done most of the above but was bought out by another company.

Which would be the best package to export the model to so that I could achieve the above.


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The difference in cost between those three options is substantial, not to mention the time spent with the learning curves of each if you have no experience with them.

I've only experimented briefly with C4D which I would love to own and master, but for what you want to do, I'll bet AnimationWorks would get you the fastest results with less money out of your pocket.

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