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Arrow Heads showing up on 3D objects

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I am getting weird arrow heads on 3D objects. First off, that should be impossible, but even then the arrowhead button on the OIP is off and class settings are "no arrowhead" even if I where to draw a line.


Detailing up a Construction document with many lines and arrowheads pointing and annotating objects and the errant arrowheads are very confusing and sloppy, and I can't get rid of them.

Has anyone else come upon this, or can anyone please help me solve this?

Edit: talking with my boss and she says this might be a setting (not a bug) for engineers that I have somehow invoked? I do remember seeing something like this for 3D power pack stuff but I don't model anything more fancy than houses


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Check that you haven't hilighted the arrow head at one end option on the Attribute pallette as the default. (see image below.)

If one of these is hilighted it will place an arrow head at the selected end of all line elements that are drawn (lines, double lines, arcs, unclosed polylines, unclosed polygons, unclosed double polygons and unclosed freehand lines). If both ends are hilighted it will place arrow heads at both ends of the line elements.

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Thanks for the suggestions.

The file is at the computer at work so I'll send it off tomorrow.

What you are seeing is a top view of a small simple gable roof with overhangs (a cupola) created with the create roof command from a rectangle and the arrowed square is the lines that represent the bearing point I guess, or the original rectangle that defined it, which has long since been erased. But the ordinary view would have that rectangle as part of the Top view, just can't figure out how it has arrows. This is in a Design Layer view. Other arrows on elements (but not many) are showing up in Sheet Layer views only.

The file is for a new patio cover roof that extends over the house to provide insulation space for a vaulted, non-insulated living room. So I have actually modeled most elements: beams, rafters, joists etc... as extrudes or walls to help me visualize the space and to create accurate section viewports. In annotate viewport mode some of these extrudes; like the end of a beam shows arrows (actually just half of an arrow) that is part of the top and bottom, as if I drew very short lines with one arrow at the top and bottom of the beam and send them to the back, yet this is part of the beam object.

I definitely have made sure that the attribute palette do not have arrows selected.

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Here is the example at a section viewport on the sheet layer.


These arrowheads are inherent to the 3D objects; they are not connected to a line or other 2D object that I can discern, they are not selectable nor editable in the annotation mod, also, they are not visible on the Design Layer that contains the objects.

Thanks for any suggestions

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Hey Michael, I got in a sneaky quick edit to better explain the issue just as you were replying. And that is the whole confusing crux. I can't select them on the annotation mode, they indicate that they are part of the design layer, but I cannot see them in the design layer. ??

I can select the cupola roof with the arrows in a square, while in the design layer and the OIP says its a roof, with no arrows selected (which doesn't make a difference selecting them or not) in the attributes palette.

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