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Preferred animation settings

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I'd like to save myself some trial and error time on this. Does anyone have a preferred export format for best quality animations? Video, PNG, MPEG, etc.? Which produces the best quality (least pixellated) in a broadly digestible format? I've been typically rendering in FQRW using Video format, as in my experience most people can view that, but even at highest quality I get some pixellation, particularly with raking light (low sun on a DTM hillock, for example). Anyone have any favorites?

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H.264 produces very high quality video, but requires significantly greater processing power to encode than most other formats.

As a point of comparison, a 5:30 (mm:ss) walkthrough that took 11:36 (hh:mm) and change to render on my 2.0GHz PowerMac G5 Dual using Sorenson 3 required 22:56 (hh:mm) and change to render using H.264 on the same computer. (No other programs were running on the computer during either render, and the computer was rebooted immediately prior to running each render.)

I find Sorenson 3 "good enough" for most of the animations I do.


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Hello Islandmon

Good to know you are a VW user since Minicad 1.0. I have a similar background this is why I wanted to ask you the following question. I have had no experience with animation because never needed it but now I need to do a small one and managed to do all the stuff but I keep on getting a "OS error ID #-2010" whenever I hit the "save movie" button. It is only a small movie of 50 sec. Can you help me to resolve this problem. I must be doing something wrong.

I am on the move know and using a laptop with Centrino 2 and Windows Vista with a very high spec.

Your help will be mostly appreciated.


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