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Please help with sheet layers

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Can someone please explain sheet layers to me. Here's my situation: I started a drawing and referenced in a base plan. I then mapped over pertinent existing condition info and created a viewport on an existing conditions sheet layer. I moved on to create option 1 for the client and created a viewport on option 1 sheet layer. And finally created an option 3 viewport on option 2 sheet layer. It was my impression the other sheet layers would not be modified and would be the same when I went back to them to easily print what I needed. Instead modifications, not all, are showing up on my 3 different sheet layers. What am I doing wrong? thanks for your help.

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sheet layers are always up to date with your design layers. So, as you change the design layer, the sheet layers update. As well as 3 sheet layers, you need 3 design layers for each option. you could use classes for this as well.

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Could it be when you select a Viewport on a Sheet Layer in the Object Info Pallet Classes or Layers are not visible

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HI Rosetter,

It sounds like you may be using viewports as static snapshots. They are in fact live windows of your work. Assuming you are working in 2D here are a couple of possible workflows that may help.


Create your reference viewport on a new design layer.

Create a separate design layer (eg Option 1) and with both layers visible draw your Option 1 design on Design Layer Option 1. Create a viewport on Sheet Layer Option 1

Turn off Design Layer Option 1

Create Design Layer Option 2, and with this & referenced layer visible ........


On the sheet layers - you can turn on/off the layer visibilities of the viewports at will.



Create your reference viewport on a new design layer.

Create a Sheet Layer Viewport of this DLV on Sheet Layer Opt 1 and in the Viewport Annotations - draw your 2d design on top of the underlying data.

Repeat with separate viewports either on the same or on separate sheets.

(Viewports can be copied & pasted)

Hope this helps.

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