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Vectorworks 2009 doesn't work properly on macbookPro 2.4Ghz

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A couple of days ago i installed VW 2009 with SP1 on my MacbookPro 17''.

Right from the start it went wrong , with a simple 2D drawing in wireframe when i zoom out some parts of the drawing dissappear and when i zoom in the lines become pixels like in the 1980 version of MacDraw.

I then increased mij RAM memory to 4 GB, this didn't help , I just updated to SP2 and nothing new.

I am not able to test more because of this problem but i have found it to be a lot slower then the 2008 version.

Untill now it is unuseable for me and i'm back on 2008, does anyone have an idea?

Macbook Pro 2.4 GHz

Intel Core 2 Duo


Chipsetmodel: GeForce 8600M GT

VRAM : 256 MB



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Hi there. I too have the zooming problem, but it's not limited to the trackpad. I did download the script and ran it, but no improvement. Is anyone else having this issue with their macbook pro's? I've been in touch with tech support locally, but have yet to hear any resolve. Im running a macbook pro 2.2 core duo with 128MB video and 2G ram.

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For me the Track Pad Fix script for MBP's did not work.

In fact that script made the problem worse.

I cannot explain why it worked for some people.

I called tech support, got in touch with Gunther Miller,

he said he knew there was a problem with that script.

To fix it he sent me a fresh User Preferences folder to replace

the one in my Application Support folder.

I just don't use the track pad. Use a mouse. Problems go away.

Now 2009 is quite fast and no real problems with refresh/zoom.

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