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  1. Hi All, I seem to have the same issue as my active label legend does not work anymore and a class : Dimension is the active label legend, which is no label legend at all. This problem seems to be in Apple M1 machines only as my colleagues don't have it and I use a Apple M1 Max.
  2. Hi Markdd, I threw away the RunTimeCache as described in the thread but it did not solve the crashing problem for me unfortunately.
  3. Hello, I have a mayor problem which I just discovered in the Spotlight module. When I select a random lighting instrument and select "Edit" and perform a random edit, VW crashes immediately. This happens on all the Mac's we use VW on. Also we discovered an issue with Inserting Lighting Positions, this feature is not working properly anymore. I would appreciate a quick reaction on these issues !! Pelle Herfst Lighting Designer Westerdoksdijk 679 NL 1013 BX Amsterdam The Netherlands-EEC T: +31 20 62 06 212 M: +31 6 53 15 18 77 E: pelle@rapenburgplaza.nl W: www.rapenburgplaza.com
  4. Hello Michael, Thanks for your answer, it was indeed the selection tool mode, my mistake.... Best, Pelle
  5. Hello, In previous versions of VW spotlight, I was able to move the label legends in the drawing by pointing in the middle of the text of the label. In VW 2016 this feature seems to be gone. Does anyone know if this feature is still there but maybe with a keyboard shortcut ?? cheers, Pelle
  6. Thank you all for the answers ! I think i will try out the "Savvy Symbol Key" option. Greetz ! Pelle
  7. I have a question regarding the "Key to instrumentation" tool. I use VW spotlight for my theatrical lighting plots and also for architectural light plots. In the case of architectural light plots, i have one base drawing to put all of my light instruments in. I would like to create a "Key to instrumentation" for each room , i cannot figure out how........ Any suggestions.... Sincerely, Pelle
  8. Thanks Guys, A combination of the tips work good for me. to place the figures closer to the lightsource is great when mapped out. After that photoshop will do . David; to temper your curiousity ; it is meant for a visualisation presentation for an outdoor project to videoproject several people shadows on a street at night in combination with real shadows from the light of the same projector of the visitors in the street. Pelle
  9. Thanks for the tips , David and Carl, I got this far also. In the end I needed to export this to photoshop anyway, so the layer export is probably the easiest way.
  10. Hello Michaelk, No a gobo is not what i am searching for , I want to use the 3d figures and be able to change their positions, render it in renderworks final with a light to create their shadows. Then finally I would like to lose the actual 3d figure and want to see only the shadow projected.
  11. Hello , For a project i would like to use solely the shadows projected on a white floor and not the subject that is used for projecting the shadows. In this case I use the 3d people figures. Any tips ? thanks Pelle
  12. Thanks, I ran the Vectorscript and i think i t was indeed the trackpath issue.
  13. A couple of days ago i installed VW 2009 with SP1 on my MacbookPro 17''. Right from the start it went wrong , with a simple 2D drawing in wireframe when i zoom out some parts of the drawing dissappear and when i zoom in the lines become pixels like in the 1980 version of MacDraw. I then increased mij RAM memory to 4 GB, this didn't help , I just updated to SP2 and nothing new. I am not able to test more because of this problem but i have found it to be a lot slower then the 2008 version. Untill now it is unuseable for me and i'm back on 2008, does anyone have an idea? Macbook Pro 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo RAM 4 GB Chipsetmodel: GeForce 8600M GT VRAM : 256 MB Thanks, Pelle
  14. Thank you Michaelk, this is exactly what i wanted to archieve!
  15. Is there a posibility within spotlight to allign and distribute light objects along a curve or another shape instead of a line ?
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