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VW file associations

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I have just got a new computer at work and have re-installed all programs etc. I have noticed that when i first open up VW a pop up says the following....

One or more VW file types are not associated with this copy of VW. Do you want to correct this?

Yes, associate all VW file types with this copy of VW

or No, leave all current VW file associations in place.

which one am i supposed to click?

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If you only have one version of VW installed, then you definitely want to click Yes. That way when any .vwx file is double clicked it will automatically open VW.

If you have multiple versions (say 2008 and 2009), then you need to think about it more.

If you want all of your files to open in VW2009 then click Yes. If you want files to open in the version they were created (or last opened ) in, then click No.

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