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  1. File deleted on overwrite. At times when I overwrite a file on my company network, the file is deleted and I then I get "failure on attempt to open file". The original file is deleted. I remember having a similar problem several years ago but don't how IT resolved it in that company. Any ideas as how to fix the problem?
  2. Submitted a bug report. Hopefully they can resolve this it helps with data management when exported. Tom
  3. I found that if I type or paste directly into the cell it will export the complete info but if I do it by referencing another cell (ie: =A4 or =('Worksheet-1':A2)) then I can see the info correctly in the worksheet. When I export it to a txt file then it only exports the first 9 digits or letters. Thanks, Tom
  4. When I make a worksheet and export it (.txt), if the data width was 9 digits or less I can not ever in that drawing change it to say 18 digits everything is fine except the exported txt file will only have the first 9 digits. Does anyone know how to change this to have the 18 digits in the txt file? Thanks Tom Arch 2012 sp5 Win 7 8gb 64 bit
  5. I don't know what else you have done but I click on the background and select none for the pen before doing the same to the fill. Hope this helps Tom
  6. Thank You Thank You This would have been driving me crazy but, I'm already there, so I was just frustrated. When I get all the pieces of this together I will put it up for anyone intersted. Thanks again Tom
  7. Pat, When I put in valid Record, Field, & Field Data I get a Handle value in debug but it comes up with "Warning: Symbol definition handle not valid." and the message box diplays "7:46:38 AM Symbol Def Name is:". I'm sorry but I still seem to be missing something. Procedure Test; {$DEBUG} Var H1:Handle; Procedure DoIt(H2:Handle); Begin Message(Date(2,2),' Symbol Def Name is: ',GetSDName(H2)); End; Begin ForEachObject(DoIt, 'Display'.'Order'='ADNDI'); End; Run(Test); Thank You for your time and help on this, Tom
  8. Thank you for your help. I have a symbol with a field existing in the record. I am trying to get a handle (or symbol name)for the symbol using the string that exists in it's field. The sample code I put up, I was hoping to claify what I was trying to do. I can get the handle if I use SelectObject I am trying to do it with out selecting each object then deselting it. Thanks you for your comments on this. Tom
  9. Hi, I have been going crazy trying to get an Oject name associated to a field value. I used something similar to the Select object comment to get the handle then get name for something else but I can not get "ObjectNameA" from field value 'ADNDI'. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Procedure tryScript; {$DEBUG} VAR h : HANDLE; x, ObjectNameA : STRING; BEGIN x := 'ADNDI'; ObjectNameA := 'ADN 22x28 Wall'; {Record name = various} {field name =' '. 'Order'} {field value = 'ADNDI'} {SelectObj(INSYMBOL & (N = (' '.'Order'=x)));} h := GetObject( ObjectNameA ); ObjectNameA := GetName( h ); Message ( GetSDName(h) ); END; RUN (tryScript); ThankYou Tom
  10. Thanks I found I should have posted this on DWG forum and not here. I did see where this problem was known for 12.5.3 Thanks again Tom Intel Dual Core 3.16ghz 4gb RAM XP pro x64 PC sp2 Vectorworks Fundamental 12.5.3 (80532)
  11. Hi, Has any one had a prolem importing a DWG drawing into Vectorworks 12.5.3 in a 64 bit PC? The files work fine when I do it on a smaller 32 bit machine, but I when I do it on the 64 bit OS it sayes that I have insufficient memory. ie: 42976 k additional memory must be available to import this file. this is just an estimate...larger. This is the first import I have tried using the 64 bit system, everything else works fine. Is this a compatibility problem with 64 bit and vs 12.5.3? Thank you, Tom Intel dual core 3.16ghz 4gb RAM XP pro x64 PC sp2 Vectorworks Fundamental 12.5.3 (80532)
  12. Has anyone had any experience with a "ATI 100-505564 FirePro V3700 256MB PCI Express 2.0 x16 Workstation Video Card " we are looking toward as a possible upgrade card. Thank you for any input. Tom
  13. I have when I have made a change that requires it. You can always go back to windows filemanager and change it. Tom
  14. have you tried just replacing the workspace from backup before reinstalling, I find this normally fixes a lot of little things. Tom
  15. John, If fill out the info request someone from sales will contact you to find out what you need and send it to you or set up for you to download a 30 day version. Tom
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