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list of all classes

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With used/unused, do you mean if there are objects in that class? If so, i think you can not do this standard in VW and have to go to VectorScript.

You can make a list of your used classes and write them to a textfile or to a worksheet.

Edit: if you're interested in that, you can start a new topic in the VS section of this board, or you can do a search cause i'm pretty sure it has been made before.

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Thanks both,

I used the screengrab, but had to make several prints to get the whole list. Would have been nice to be able to print it as complete list from top to bottom - or/and even better to be able to export it as an editable worksheet in Excel.

As you say Maarten - it must have been done before. I'm not sure I want to plunge my head into the script bucket though...

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It is easy to get a worksheet of all classes that you have used:

Create a new worksheet

Make a row into a Database

Set Criteria to All Objects


Type "=c"

This gives a list of all classes used.

Now Select that Database Row, Drag the "Sort Ascending" and "Sum" icons to the top

of that column.


You can export this worksheet if you like.

I am not sure how to get a worksheet to list all of your un-used classes.

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