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VW 9 abilities

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While I have not seen it yet myself, I have heard that some capabilities/items that are in VW 8.5.2 (such as DTM) have heen removed from VW 9, and purchase of an add-on, such as Architect or Landmark, is required to get them back.

To what extent is this the case, and does anyone have a list of the items removed?

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We've ordered VW9 but it hasn't come yet, so I can't give you a definitive answer. But we've spoken with tech support about DTM's several times over the last six weeks or so, and there was no mention that this capability would be deleted, although they did say that Landmark would have improved DTM capabilities.

If one of the "official" NNA people who post here hasn't answered this question by the time VW9 comes, I'll let you know what we find out. I'm hesitant to actually switch to VW9 until we hear what the buzz is about it (is anybody actually using it yet? any beta users willing to chime in?), but we can at least install it on another machine and check it out a little.

Barb Nelson

RLK Hydro, Inc.

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Hi Antone. This question has been brought up before and I think answered well with the following statement by our marketing director.

<<The old DTM doesn't exist anywhere.

LANDMARK provides an advanced Site Modeling suite with new DTM technology

and contains a number of innovative tools, commands and object for site

design. ARCHITECT 9 includes the Site Model command, which creates a DTM,

and a subset of the site design features that ship with LANDMARK.

When we asked users how to improve VectorWorks, the resounding answer was

"completeness, consistency and quality." As the foundation drawing program

for the new Industry Series we concentrated on improving core CAD

functionality such as, drawing accuracy, tool consistency, rendering

capabilities, basic geometry and most importantly, quality. So instead of

throwing in eight new convenience tools, we went back and let you pan and

zoom in all tools (even polygons!). With VW9 we went back to the

fundamentals. We tried to smooth all of the rough edges and fill in the

holes that slow you down every day. This is a trend that will continue with

future VectorWorks releases.

VectorWorks has always provided a good collection of industry tools.

Many of these will remain and most (like door and windows objects) have been

improved. However, in future releases you can expect that a majority of our

new industry-specific content will be developed within our Industry Series.

In this case we considered our investment in the new DTM technology new

industry specific content that didn't belong in VectorWorks.

Dan Monaghan

Marketing Director

Nemetschek North America


A PDF that lists all the changes from 8-9 is available by emailing Tech@nemetschek.net. As you can see most

of VW industry-specific functionality is intact and has been improved. The

last header ITEMS REPLACED BY OTHER PRODUCTS, lists the functionality that

was removed.

I hope this will help.

Mike S.

Technical Support Manager

Nemetschek North America

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Originally posted by mikeconner:

Can't NNA just post this PDF on the web site for download?

I agree, a posting would be much easier.

Also, a list of those reported bugs from version 8 that have been fixed in version 9 would also be helpful to post, or maybe these are the same list.


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Well, I have to say that this is a pretty sorry way of dealing with your customer base. A major feature of a previous version is *entirely* deleted from a new version, and you have to pay a $395 (or whatever it is) upgrade fee to get it back??? What in the world were they thinking??? Couldn't they at least have left installing v8.5 DTM's as an option in VW9? That means VW9 is essentially useless to us, since Landmark9 is still on "backorder." (and VW9 hasn't arrived yet, though I'll admit it hasn't quite been a week since we ordered it.)

This isn't directed at tech support, I'm sure this was decided by some <derogatory term edited out> in marketing, but imo, this is a really quick fast way to alienate your installed user base.

Barb Nelson

RLK Hydro, Inc.

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I think the straight answer is NO wink.gif

from the .pdf referred to ( not all items shown):


Items Replaced by Other Products

The following items' functionality has been replaced with new features now available only in

specialized VectorWorks products:

DTM support plug-ins (ALL).VS* Obsoleted by VW ARCHITECT/LANDMARK


Personally I don't see the issue. I am really looking forward to a professional level product with supirior DTM capabilites in LANDMARK and the pugrade is only around ?150 on top.

[This message has been edited by Simon Lisney (edited 03-23-2001).]

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I have been using Minicad since the beginning of time and this latest upgrade is my new favorite.

1. I really like the spell check.

2. Extrude along a path.

This a great new feature but how is this better than 3d manager and will 3d manager work with VW 9?

3. What do they mean by NURBS?

How and why are they used? What does extrude along a path do other than railings, pipe or hose?

I need more info on the new N??? Feature. The new manual has very little Info on this! HELP more info. required!

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NURBS = Non-Uniform Rational B-Spline. It's a mathematical description of an arbitrary curve, where a number of control points are each assigned a weight, and these are used to manipulate the curve. There are a number of tools which create NURBS objects in VectorWorks 9, such as the 3D elipse and 3D curve tools.

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Yes, I read the manual also. But what does vectorworks nurbs do with this other than pipes. Can I vary the extrude along a path to construct a tuba or a snake? The manual is very light in this area. I would like to fillet shapes or blend a rectangle into a square. What I meant was how does vectorworks define NURBS and has any one seen any simple shapes constructed with this feature. SEE 3d manager reference on this page.

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