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Still, just upgraded to VW 08 to take advantage of the free upgrade to 09 and it all looks pretty cool to me.

WHAT IS THIS FREE UPGRADE from 08 to 09???? Where

can I find out about this???

I'm assuming it's only if you upgraded during a certain time frame....

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We're holding back at this point Chris. There's a lot of stuff in there to tempt us but we're currently in prudent mode. We're aiming for middle of v2009. By then any problems should be ironed out, Mac OS X 10.6 should be out, new Mac Pro hardware should be out... and we'll know whether or not it's 1929 revisited.

Wouldn't mind upgrading at least one of our copies to evaluate it though, even if just to export DWGs for everyone!

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I have been considering a similar move to Solid Works for some time. I am a long time MiniCad now VW user working on the MAC. I have been very spoiled by the well designed user interface and ease of use for building quick 3d and 2d studies for exhibits, products and packaging. Or for just making quick construction layouts for my shop. I switch back and forth during the day between Adobe CS4 an VW with out any issues. Vector Works is great. However, as an industrial designer, I have run into issues working with outside shops and sharing information on projects. They have all requested that I get Solid Works or in some case Autocad (standards in the engineering business). As for more complex shapes I use FormZ which is much better at developing hollow organic shelled solids (bottles & product studies) that I send out for stereo-lithography models. All outside engineering shops have had issues with FormZ files as well.

On a side note: unfortunately when a designer, engineer or architect adopts a software package it is a long term relationship. Since I learned old school with pencil and paper. I dreamed of the day you never had to draw the same thing twice. Well switching to a new software package means doing a lot of stuff over. NOT COOL. So the CAD software industry has allowed lots of small software companies to survive by preventing or I should say sharing information difficult. In fact I have a CPU with an old version of Minicad running just so I can get to old files (that my present version of VW can't open) for preparing portfolio images.

All I need is one decent client with enough work to make the switch pay. For now I will just muddle along and try to make a living with what I have. Tell me how it works out.

Bob Tiedemann

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