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multiple stringers in stair pio



I created a simple stair unit from the pio. The stair has open stringers and no risers. There are two stringers, obviously, on the outsides of the stair, but I would like to add one in the middle. There is no place in the pio to accomplish this. I have to convert it and add one manually. It would be nice to have that option in the pio!


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I've found the stair PIO to be rather inadequate for building anything other than "traditional" stairs. Some of the frustrations I've had are:

? the thickness of floor framing for landing is determined by stringer parameters;

??if the stair runs are not full-width (i.e. the landing is wider and there's a horizontal gap between the runs), then the landing gets this weird 'appendage' that you can't get rid of;

??and as you've indicated, there's not much control over the stringers themselves, especially if you're trying to do something open/contemporary...

I haven't done enough 3D modeling yet, but my conclusion up until now has been that more specialized stairs probably need to be built from scratch.

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more specialized stairs probably need to be built from scratch.

Yeah, you are right.

You might use the Stair Tool to get the basic layout,

rise & run, etc... all worked out, then build your custom

stairs in its place when you are ready for that level of


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