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panning with the scroll wheel on a Mac

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A question for Mac users:

Was working with a colleague who owns a new Mac and she couldn't get her scroll wheel to pan. Being a PC gal, I couldn't tell her how to fix that. The VW Preferences only seem to cover keyboard strokes. Is this a mouse preference thing and how do we change that on a Mac?



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Open the VW Preferences and go to the first tab, "Drawing method".

The bottom option (Zoom with mouse button) is probably checked.

If so, you can scroll while holding the Option (Alt) key.

This whole thing also works in the opposite way : if the Zoom preference is unchecked, the mouse button scrolls - but zooms while holding the Option key.

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If you guys can climb off of your platform pedestals and VW complaints, maybe you could offer to help solve the actual problem.


You need to go into the System preferences, go to the Keyboard and Mouse preferences, click on the Mouse preferences and assign the mouse wheel button to Button 3. See the attachment. This is if the colleague is using the Apple Mouse. If she is using a third party mouse, the specific control panel should still be in the System preferences, and you can make the same assignment there.

Also a funny little tip for those of us who do use a third party mouse (Logitech MX310 for me) if you plug in the apple mouse, and configure what you want the buttons to do, then swap the mice, the button mapping applies to the third party mouse, no need to install third party software, if you don't want to.



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ah well, always late to the party I suppose. Around this office, people always are asking how to make the scroll button pan, so they can keep the zooming capabilities in the scroll wheel, I guess we read what we want to see, not what is there....

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Sorry, I should have said: "one handed panning" not "one handed scrolling". Gerrit told me how to scroll or zoom by setting my options and pushing other keys. I want to show my Mac friend how to use the wheel to BOTH pan (not scroll) and zoom. I push my own wheel down and it pans, I roll it and it zooms. Highly efficient, and I am very surprised if you Mac guys aren't set up to do the same...?

By both zooming and panning with that roll button I can get where I want super fast, and can take a bite of a Hovis half-chocolate Digestive Biscuit with the other hand at the same time ;).


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