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Dragging objects causes deselect

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Normally in VW when I drag an object or several objects, when I finish dragging the objects are still selected (in he OIP).

I have opened my file for today and am finding as soonas I drop the dragged item the item is deselected and I have to reselect the object.

Is there a setting I have unticked?

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Have discovered the problem is class specific. Have found some items in a certain class that work fine. If I change the class of a "problem" object and put in a another class it works fine.

Problem doesnt seem to be speific to any object types.

Have deleted problem file.

Opened a new file with no classes or objects and started fresh but am getting same results.

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I have 4 walls: 1 good, 3 dodgy

If I select all 4 the OIP says 4 walls selected if I zoom in or out a few times the selection automatically drops the 3 dodgy ones and says I only have one wall selected now.

Does any1 know whats wrong?

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Im still having this problem, have sent to bugsubmit but no reply.

I can now no longer altrer my dimensions.

When I click a dimension the the highlighted selection flashes up and then disappears again. I can move the dimensions but cant select them.

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What mode do you have the 2D Selection tool in.

If you want to modify an object, you need to have just the one object selected and use the 2nd mode (Single Object Interactive Scaling Mode).

If you have multiple objects selected, you need to use the the third mode (Unrestricted Interactive Scaling Mode).


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Unfortunatly the file size is far too large to email and dont have the time to go through removing things and checking if the problem still exists.

In the meantime I have found an odd temporary fix. It seems if in Tools > Options > VW Prefs > User Folder, If I change the reference folder, then close VW then reopen and change back to my original and close and reopen again, it works fine... for about half a day.

From what I can tell the framing member tool seems to set the problem off more than any other tool.

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I had a similar problem with object deselecting themselves after nudging and zooming.

If I had 3 objects selected the OIP would say "3 rectangles". After nudging or zooming it would say "3 No Selection"

It seemed to start after I added a bunch of DLVPs. But I never had time to track it down.


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Unfortunatly the file size is far too large to email and dont have the time to go through removing things and checking if the problem still exists.

Perhaps send it to Ray via YouSendIt

BTW - it may be a problem with 2008 - long shot

I lived with a problem throughout 2008 that is still there and I think it still has problems

As soon as I could I upgraded to 2009

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