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Confusion on Installing on 2 computers with "A" License

Bill at GFC


I talked with some one at Tech Support about, my need to install 2008 on my personal computer this week and then move it to another computer sometime in the next 2 weeks. He said no problem. I could actually install it on 2 different computers, one home and one at work, as long as both computers were not trying to run it at the same time. He said as long as they were not on the same network? The software license seems to say I can only operate and install on one computer at a time.

Can anyone clarify?

My home computer is a laptop so I could be using it to run Vectorworks on my home network and my work network.

Do you have to be connected to a network to run 2008?


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1) You can install VW2008 on 2 computers.

2) No network is required for VW2008

3) If you have installed it on 2 computers on the same network, only one computer can have VW open at a time. If you try to open it on both you will get a "license in use" error on the 2nd machine.

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Don't take that as legal advice, though...

In this country a person can, I believe, legally use a software licence in all his or her computers, but only in one at a time. In your country, whatever it is, the legislation may be different.

The Licencing Agreement is, per se, unambiguous: one licence, one installation. Notwithstanding, the (sensible) advice by Tech Support suggests that NNA is not going to sue you if you happen to among the 5% of the world's population living in the U.S. of A. If you reside in Elbonia, I'd be very, very careful.

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