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  1. What I have or have not earned is irrelevant since I use Vectorworks at a means to solve in house design and production challenges. Again lets here some stories on "VW2008 and Snow Leopard", since that is what this post was started for.
  2. How is everyone doing with Vectorworks 2008 and Snow Leopard installed? So far no ones reported any issues. Lets here some more reports! Think how much money not upgrading to 2009 or 2010 will save!
  3. I've been testing,(lets use this term loosely)Vectorworks SpotLight 2008, on my Macbook 1.83 Core Duo, 2mb ram with Snow Leopard. I want to feel reasonbley confident before I upgrade to Snow Leopard at work, where I use Vectorworks at least a half dozen times a month. Below are the stated limitations for Vectorworks 2009. Not 2008 Some of the limitations are: - Toggling Quartz Imaging in Vectorworks Preferences display tab, crashes the application - Importing any DXF/DWG files crashes Vectorworks 2009 - Vectorworks files cannot be opened by drag and drop - Macintosh Spotlight features do not work with Vectorworks 2009 on Snow Leopard Please note: Other frequent and random crashes may occur during use of the software. I first opened a file by drag and drop, and it opened fine. Next I opened a new file and imported a DWG. No crash After the import I toggled on and off Quartz imaging(while in wireframe). No Crash. Im not sure about Spotlight usage as described above. But I was able to use spotlight to find the files name. Other testing: I decided to test the Quartz Imaging a little more, But I'll have to admit, I do not understand how Quartz is used in Vectorworks, so what is below my be moot. Please chime in if anyone knows a better way to test this. I took the most complicated drawing I have and let it render in "Fast Quality with Shadows", then I toggled off Quartz, it re-rendered with out a crash. Next I re-rendered with Quartz off, in "Final Quality".Next I Then I toggled Quartz on,it re-rendered fine with out a crash. Next I rendered in Open Gl and repeated the toggle off Quartz thing Re-rendering was fine with no crash. So far so good?
  4. What's strange is that even if I turn the lights off, or make the class the lights reside in "invisible", it still crashes.
  5. Ever since I started adding Lighting Fixtures to my Venue, Open Gl render mode now crashes. Does antbody have any Ideas? Thanks Bill
  6. I talked with some one at Tech Support about, my need to install 2008 on my personal computer this week and then move it to another computer sometime in the next 2 weeks. He said no problem. I could actually install it on 2 different computers, one home and one at work, as long as both computers were not trying to run it at the same time. He said as long as they were not on the same network? The software license seems to say I can only operate and install on one computer at a time. Can anyone clarify? My home computer is a laptop so I could be using it to run Vectorworks on my home network and my work network. Do you have to be connected to a network to run 2008? ?????
  7. I just received my brand new copy 2008 Spotlight. I am a new user and have not installed it yet, but just found out I am able to purchase a new MacBook Pro to run it on. My question is : Should I get the Macbook Pro with 256 VRAM or do need to wait out for a desktop MacPro with 512 mb of VRAM? Will the Macbook Pro work just fine? I would prefer the laptop for other reasons but , wouldn't want to hurt the performance of Spotlight because of it. I will using Spotlight to create a 3D interior view of our main sanctuary, equipped with our lighting plot, virtual band onstage, and some set pieces. At some point I will turn virtual lights on and ask Spotlight to render several diffrent viewpoints. Has anyone out there used Spotlight on a Macbook Pro , for a similar render? Thanks Bill
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