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I have files set up with drawings positioned for plotting out on A1 size paper. Sometimes I wish to print out or fax small areas of the drawing on A4 size paper. This involves moving the print area.

How can I reposition the A1 print area EXACTLY back to the original default position after having moved it for printing the smaller area of the drawing?

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We have this problem all the time. Unfortunately the print area seems to be related to the paste in place command, the alignment of 3-D objects in different layers, and the workgroup referencing. It would be better if these items were only related to the page origion and not the position of the print area. Anyway we haven't found a way to do what your asking. The undo command does not work, and neither does the saved sheets. I hope Diehlgraphsoft either knows something I don't or they are going to fix this. Its really annoying.

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