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  1. Autocad takes care of it with paperspace viewport layouts (I hope someone at VW dev team had a good look at it). The concept seems too strange to some who didn't use Autocad or someting like it. Bottom line, getting a part of a drawing printed in various scales on various sizes of paper ought to be simple and not a mock about process.
  2. I want to be able to do the autocad thing. 1. Draw a fence around a part of a drawing 2. give it a scale at which it will print 3. get what I asked for out of the printer in no more that two steps. Julian Car's VW add-on does something like it but not as well as Autocad.
  3. This is a good comment. The issue is a very important one - how are offices with VW interacting with the Autocad & Microstation world? The only way to make WV an acceptable alternative to the two overpriced big guys is to make VW run circles around them. This includes drawing file exchange, manipulation and program features that are compatible with other programs.
  4. Print to window/fence with a drawing scale option. Again, just like in Autocad. The scaling of print files with ploter/printer software is a sad excuse for a workaround.
  5. Good Idea. I hope VW developers are listening to this request. Both Autocad and Microstation have the reference file concept figured out correctly. Autdesk saw a good thing Microstation had going for it (reference file clip, etc) and implemented it in Autocad. Another good thing would be to get rid of the page related coordinates in favor of absolute world coordinates.
  6. I agree with your statement. I hope VW will look into thei issue in the next release. VW should look at Autocad and Microstation as an acepted standard of handling reference files.
  7. I think the transparent zoom would be a Great addition to VW !!! Competing with AutoCad means VW needs to be at least as flexible as AutoCad in the view commands department.
  8. Can VW9 have an irregular fence selection option added. That would be a great help in a number of cases cases.
  9. The PRINT TO FIT on any page size and Print to window/fence with a scale command (let's say like in AUTOCAD) is a must in VW9. I hope the VW development team is reading about all the printing pains people are going through just to get an 11X17 or 8 1/2X11 check print of their drawings.
  10. Great comment. I agree 100%. All other programs seem to have this feature sepatated. Working with a team it becomes a big problem if someone moves the print area around that is always bound to happen at some point. Say printing a check plot on a 11X17 or so. I posted a simmilar wish to this one. I hope that a print to fence arae or window will become available in VW 9.
  11. It does help. I use it a lot for printing Hpotoshop and Corel file. The print spool files sometimes get to be around 200-300MB. In that case the internal RAM doesn't do much help. For O.K. size cad files it does a lot of the work faster.
  12. quote: Originally posted by Paul Dolan: does anybody have this printer and if so is it fast and are you happy with it ? I have one. It's fast enough. The paper handling is very good and the ink cartriges are large enough for extensive office use.
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