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lee jubas

plan view rendering

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How do I render a floor plan that shows all doors and windows?

Rendering in plan view defaults to "top" view, not "top plan" view

so I only see tops of walls.

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I think I read this on some previous post but couldn't find it but just messing around with the program I have been able to create a static rendered viewport plan view by setting the drawing view to a side view and creating a 3D Section thru the side view at the height you want.

Then create a viewport of that 3D Section. Remember that 3D Sections are not live so therefore neither is the viewport. When you make changes to the plan you must redo the process.

I'll bet others here have better ideas....

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Thanks. I thought about that method as well. Seems arduous.

For now, due to time constraints, I may just add colored in polygon

to floor area to punch it out somewhat, then print plan to pdf.

Much easier.

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Lee Jubas,

This may not be what you want but you could create a viewport of the regular top plan view and then duplicate it in place, renderthe bottom VP to FQR and the top in wireframe. These would update accurately.

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I've been looking at this issue too. It would be great if we could cut live horizontal sections the way we do vertical sections.

I thought about using bc's recommendation but if the rendering is to include shadows, they won't be correct because they will based on the full height wall not the 4' +/- high walls (including headers above windows and doors) shown in the top/plan view.

I'd love a quick way to simply add shadows and textures to a floor plan to help give more definition to window and door locations as well as heights of objects in the plan.

Right now, it looks like the only way to do this is to use Cut 3D Section - an arduous route that doesn't update when the plan changes.

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This is one of the benfits of viewports where you can overlay multiple viewports one on top of another (making sure to set the viewport fill to none) thereby creating the effect you are seeking.


This technique used the same layer with different classes turned on or off in the overlay of viewports. The first viewport shows the floor texture, the second the fixtures, third the walls in plan (sketched). You can experiment with diffent settings to achive desired results. All is doable in VW.

Pete A.

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This conflicting arrangement of doors may violate Code. A Pocket door for the Bathroom and Bi-Fold for the Closet are standard for this tight configuration.

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Chance of door collision is minimal based on natural occupant movement. For instance, if you were to be of the type individual who cares not of privacy than the main entry from the bedroom/bathroom to the water closet/sink room would more than likely remain open and unfastened. This would only be of consequence if say there were a second occupant who was to enter the the water closet/sink room from the service hall and because of your propensity to never secure an opening an occurance of complete and total embarrasment would take place where the second individual will have been thouroughly disgusted at certain sights and smells and run screaming from the structure to never return.

Point is the closet door never entered into the picture thereby negating code and/or any other violation except for common decency.

Now say, for instance the certain second occupant were to have returned with agreed upon conditions and noticing that a huge storm were to have suddenly come into the area ran into the bathroom as you were soaking in the tub. Only thing is because you neglected to close the linen closet door after towel selection the second occupant not only destroyed two perfectly good doors but landed in the emergency room with multiple fractures from the collision of doors.

It's all about makin sure the fricken door is closed and/or locked.


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