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VW 10 & 11 also run on my Intel Mac.

I'm keeping my G4 in good working order for as long as possible. There are quite a few programs I don't want to let go of just yet, but losing connection with MC files would be a crime.


VW 12.5 / MacMini / OS 10.4.8

MC 2 -> VW 11 / G4 / OS 10.4.8

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Well officially it's not supported so the short answer to "will they work together?" is no.

I disagree.

"Officially," VW 10.5 was not supported in Tiger (OS X 10.4), yet it runs perfectly well in Tiger and is no less stable than in Jaguar (10.3.9), and NNA did (and does) provide support for generic issues.

NNA don't say that earlier versions will run on Intel Macs, they don't say they won't; all they say is they don't officially support anything other than VW 12.x, which does not necessarily mean that they absolutely will not provide support under any circumstances, only that they're not guaranteeing support and they're not dedicating resources to ensuring compatibility, bug-squashing, and tweaking performance in Rosetta, so the short answer is, "Use at your own risk."

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Kurt, what computers are you currently running? Are they Macs? I'm assuming you want to upgrade to intel Macs mainly because of performance - but there's a chance that running v10 on a new Mac may be actually slower than your current setup. In which case you'd have to question upgrading unless you also upgrade your Vectorworks.

As an example I had a dual G5 2MHz Mac, and upgraded to a 2.15MHz Macbook Pro. VW11 ran slower - BUT - upgrading to V12, rendering was twice as fast as the G5/VW11! A very satisfying result especially consisering I "dropped" from a desktop machine to a laptop. (by the way, the MBP is a great machine, I think) . he new Core 2 duos would be 20-30% faster again.

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