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Editing holes in Roofs

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I'm going to differ with Peter here. (I'm assuming you're using a roof here, not just a Roof Face, which may be Peter's assumption)

The best way to draw a hole in a VectorWorks roof is to use the Edit Group command. After you've created a roof, simply select it, and you will see a gray outline of your roof. Draw the shape you want as a hole using whatever closed shape tool you like (rect, oval, poly etc.) Now "exit" the roof by clicking the "Exit Group" button in the UR of your screen.

These hole shapes are kept as discrete objects and can be moved or reshaped later. Just select the roof, use "edit group", and make your desired edits.

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One of the tricks I use in punching holes into roof objects is to trace over the area in plan with a poly where I want the hole in the roof...i.e.(chase, pipe...). Then Ctrl-C copy (make sure stacked layers is off)...delete the poly from plan(not needed anymore). Make the roof layer and class active...go to edit group as Robert suggests the copy/paste in place the poly Ctrl/Alt-V. The poly will be placed right to the area where you want the hole and when you leave the group edit...as Petri would put it...Ralph's your uncle. If you have some customer who absolutly demands that you modify the hole than you can do so in the edit group with 2D edit commands.

Pete A.

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Thanks, all. Robert, the tidit about keeping the original cut-out shape for future modification is a worthwhile suggestion. Since you can't see the plan when editing the roof object (which is a drawback to being able to edit roofs and slabs, I think), it will help.

Peter, it dawned on me the other day to do just what you suggest, Copy, paste in place, to get the object where you want it. I could not find a 2-d editing method that would affect the hole, but did find that if I re-drew (or placed per above) a new cut-out shape then exited the group, the old hole was gone and the new size was in it's place, which might work better than editing the original shape.

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as Petri would put it...Ralph's your uncle.

"[Q] From Florence C Goold: ?What is the origin and actual meaning of bob?s your uncle??

[A] This is a catchphrase which seemed to arise out of nowhere and yet has had a long period of fashion and is still going strong. It?s known mainly in Britain and Commonwealth countries, and is really a kind of interjection. It?s used to show how simple it is to do something: ?You put the plug in here, press that switch, and Bob?s your uncle!?.

Being a compulsive plug-in writer, this explanation appeals to me...


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Ralph, Bob, George....As long as interjected for the sake of simplicity what the hey.

Petri...though I am confused since you are of Finnish origin; would that be Pertti's your uncle?

I know that down here in the southeast it's Ned's your uncle and for that matter he is more than likely your brother but for sure your mom is his wife....


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On 3/9/2007 at 6:12 AM, Robert Anderson said:

...The best way to draw a hole in a VectorWorks roof is to use the Edit Group command...

Thanks for this @Robert Anderson - very simple - albeit not necessarily intuitive!


This would be good info to have on the "Editing Roof objects" page of the VW 2023 Help pages...

It tells us how to clip to make a hole but doesn't mention "edit group" at all.


Easy enough to google and get this page - but if the official pages are going to tell me how to cut a hole, they should let me know how to edit that hole!

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