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Post script will generally not be faster, in fact is slower with bit-mapped images. It will give you better "transparent" layers (of image, not VW layers); it typically gives much better type (kerning, m- and n-spacing, ligatures, etc.) control; and is more device independant with respect to visual scale. But since most everything we'd want to print from VW needs to be true to scale, we'd rather the device not be doing any scaling for us.

We've used both PS and non-PS printers and, with the current quality of mfg printer drivers, find no additional value for CAD work. A graphics design firm, on the other hand, may well have the opposite opinion.

Good luck,

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Thom, If you can afford HP Designjet 5500. I'm strongly recommend you to get postscript. You will notice the difference when you print presentation drawings.

Colour print on Postscript is lot better than Raster.

With HP DJ 5500 PS, You can choose to use Raster/GL2 or Postscript or both.


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Before you buy any plotter. You have to consider drawing type will you print most.


HPDJ5500 user require high quality print ( It can handle very light cyan& yellow ). Postscript feature will benefit this group of user. If you not require high quality print, you may not buy this plotter. This plotter is really good for presentation print but NOT as good as DJ4000/4500PS on CAD drawing.

HP4500PS is a good option if you take cost as key factor. It can print twice dpi and faster print speed compare to DJ5500PS. But, the colour control is not good as DJ5500PS. This model is good for 80% CAD drawing & 20% Graphic Presentation. Postscript feature will result a smooth quality print specially the colour surface and tone/pattern. Raster/GL2 or Ghostscript cannot match it ( may be in future ).

The comment given base on my experience in my office.

Currently, for large printing ( exclude A4 & A3 ), we use..

Colour - HP Designjet 5500PS X 1 nos.

Colour - HP Designjet 4000PS X 5 nos.

B/W - Oce TDS800PS X 1 nos.

B/W - Oce TDS400PS X 2 nos


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I have a 42" HP 500ps. I can't tell you how many times having PS and non-PS drivers available have saved my rear end. Versions 9 and 10 had horrible problems with printing layer links, grayed out layers and hatches and patterns. PS saved the day. I'm an architect and frequently mix cad files with bmps, jpgs, tiffs, png on a variety of paper types. Yes PS takes longer, but the result is well worth the wait.

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