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  1. Hi Gio, It would be good if the dialog box can show which existing class has been assign to incoming class after click the Assign button. for large copy element which consist of a lot of classes, it is good if we can do a final checking ( correct assign ) before we proceed to OK button. for large project, it is very difficult to correct it if we assign wrongly. Once the new paste element has been park under current existing class which consist thousand of objects. it will be though to fix it. btw. it is nice script. credit to you. G-Pang
  2. Is anyone know how to create / use dialog box to edit symbol's record? I notice, when using dialog box ( eg; Edit Title Block ), if we add '#' at the end of Field Name under Record Format, it allow TEXT to be continue on next line. It means, you can use several text line to type your record. It is very useful to type a long room name within a small space. Please help. G-Pang
  3. Go to Apple System Preferences / International / Formats and change measurement units from Metric to US. Restart Vectorworks. G-Pang
  4. When you inserting symbol on wall, use Offset Insertion Mode. G-Pang
  5. G-Pang

    Post Script

    Before you buy any plotter. You have to consider drawing type will you print most. Normally, HPDJ5500 user require high quality print ( It can handle very light cyan& yellow ). Postscript feature will benefit this group of user. If you not require high quality print, you may not buy this plotter. This plotter is really good for presentation print but NOT as good as DJ4000/4500PS on CAD drawing. HP4500PS is a good option if you take cost as key factor. It can print twice dpi and faster print speed compare to DJ5500PS. But, the colour control is not good as DJ5500PS. This model is good for 80% CAD drawing & 20% Graphic Presentation. Postscript feature will result a smooth quality print specially the colour surface and tone/pattern. Raster/GL2 or Ghostscript cannot match it ( may be in future ). The comment given base on my experience in my office. Currently, for large printing ( exclude A4 & A3 ), we use.. Colour - HP Designjet 5500PS X 1 nos. Colour - HP Designjet 4000PS X 5 nos. B/W - Oce TDS800PS X 1 nos. B/W - Oce TDS400PS X 2 nos G-Pang
  6. G-Pang

    Post Script

    Thom, If you can afford HP Designjet 5500. I'm strongly recommend you to get postscript. You will notice the difference when you print presentation drawings. Colour print on Postscript is lot better than Raster. With HP DJ 5500 PS, You can choose to use Raster/GL2 or Postscript or both. G-Pang
  7. In VW 12, simply create a new custom papersize. That simple. In our office, for large printing, we are using... Colour - HP Designjet 5500PS X 1 nos. Colour - HP Designjet 4000PS X 5 nos. B/W - TDS800PS X 1 nos. B/W - TDS400PS X 2 nos. Yes...Thanks to our boss for the luxury printing facilities. G-Pang
  8. 1. Change Screen Resolution to 2048 x 1536 and it turn up blur. 2. I don't have handicap Sticker/logo at the back of my car. 3. Apple Cinema 30" is bigger than dual Cinema 20". I'm not require any extra monitor. Agree with Petri, Modern Drawing always full integrated with database. So We can produce drawing & record data in one go. G-Pang MacPro, 4GB, Cimnema 30" OS 10.4.8 VW 12.5.1 Designers
  9. I wish a setting on Preference which can enlarge text size on Data dialog box. Current text size extremely too small for 30" monitor user with 2560 x1600 resolution. G-Pang
  10. VW 11 - Cannot be done. Print area limited to 3175mm with a trick..it can be print up to 6350mm. VW 12 - Can be done ( depends on your plotter max size) . I had print up to 1524x30480mm on our plotter. G-Pang
  11. Christiaan, Those error cause by incomplete script. ( missing procedure command ) You should copy whole of the script and don't miss any scripting line. The script should start from... procedure RenameClasses; and end up with... run(RenameClasses); Don't miss the procedure first line. With those 2 scripts..it will complete the your classes prefix / deprefix issue. G-Pang
  12. What type of error? There were 2 type of scripts. One for Prefix and the other for Deprefix. G-Pang
  13. This will works other way round. procedure DeleteGroupClasses; var allclass, n : integer; dbox, ccn, ncn : string; begin dbox := StrDialog('Remove Group Name','Import'); allclass := ClassNum; for n := 1 to allclass do begin ccn := ClassList(n); if (Pos(Concat(dbox,'-'), ccn) = 1) then begin ncn := ccn; Delete(ncn, 1, Len(dbox) + 1); RenameClass( ccn, ncn); end; end; end; run(DeleteGroupClasses); G-Pang
  14. If you using Mac OSX. Under print dialog box, Choose Paper Handling Tab, and then choose Destination paper size. It will automatic change the output size without ammend the original paper setting. I think this is the easiest way. No pdf required. G-Pang OSX 10.4.8 PowerMac + 30" Apple Display
  15. I moved 'U" key to 'F13'..to make sure no accidently press the button 'U'. But it still happen. It is a bug.
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