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Long Room Names using Space Tool

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I am using the "Space Tool" to label rooms within my floor plan, and am having a problem with some names that are too long. Is there a way to break the name into 2 lines of text. The dialogue has only a single row cell to enter the name. Anyone ever encounter this??? and if so any suggestions?

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The only work around I have found is to copy multi-line text into the room name box--I often have three lines of text in a room name. Once it is in there you can edit it or remove a line you just can't add one.

If you search the archives I think you will find that the desire for multi-line text is an ongoing one from VW users.

Hope this helps.

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What Travis said.

In more detail, make a regular text box and type three words with a return in-between each:




Then highlight the whole thing with the text tool, ctrl C and ctrl V in the Obj. Info box under Room Name.

Should work.

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Could this be related to the good old CR vs CR/LF problem? Macintosh assumes that if you want a carriage return, you also want a new line whereas DOS (or whatever they call it nowadays) assumes that, unless told otherwise, you want to type again and again on the same line.

But never mind: UNIX assumes that you only want a new line. Returning the carriage is a separate thing altogether.

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