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  1. I know sometimes you have to click the flip button more than once but even multiple clicks of the button result in no change to the location of the sill.
  2. I have placed several windows in a wall and am now trying to add an exterior masonry sill. After adding the sill in the settings portion of the Obj. Info Palette, the result is a window with the sill on the inside. I tried clicking on the flip button but I see no change after. I can flip the direction of doors I insert into the same wall, but not windows. Anyone else experience this?
  3. I was speaking to a local surveyor recently about high definition surveys and was wondering if they are able to be imported into VW2010 Architect? Has anyone been involved with this technology? Thanks
  4. I'm experiencing some difficulties with Sheet Layer viewports. I have created a new Sheet Layer with a single viewport and when I move my cursor over the area of the viewport it flickers quite badly. When I select it, for example to change it's scale, it disappears and then I need to choose "Fit to page area" to have it reappear. If I select the title block I have pasted into the sheet the viewport disappears as well as the title block, but it shows as highlighted. It's very frustrating and a new occurrence since the upgrade to VW 2009. Anyone else seen this happen?
  5. Anyone else having problems trimming lines perpendicular to each other? If I try to trim a line back to a perpendicular line using the trim tool sometimes the boundary is not recognized and the line gets cut back to the next intersecting line. Never had the problem in VWA 2008, just started with the upgrade.
  6. I have 4 Gigs of RAM (which used to be plenty), and the Video card is an ATI Radeon 9600XT with 128 MB of VRAM. I read through the link too. Thanks. On larger files, some with detailed model and a variety of 2D details, might start approaching 20 MB, I do experience some hesitation. More noticeable since the upgrade though.
  7. I am running VWA 2009 on a Power Mac G5, and have really noticed some aggravating hesitation with the new version of the software. I was using VWA 2008 as of last week. The hesitation is most notable when editing viewport crops and annotations. Is anyone else using a G5 experiencing this? Would anyone suggest that I upgrade to an Intel Mac?
  8. I am having some difficulty with the Keyboard Shortcut for the Offset Tool in VWA 2009. In previous versions, I held down the "SHIFT" key and the tapped the "DASH" key twice to access the Offset Tool Dialogue. Since I upgraded I need to do this several times in order the bring up the dialogue box. Anyone else experiencing this?
  9. Here is one way around the problem. I have experienced it many times myself. Type out the Room Name the way you want it to appear, someplace on screen, then select just the text portion and copy and paste it into the room name portion of the dialogue box.
  10. When I try to apply a fill pattern now that I have upgraded to the new Mac OS, the majority of them are blank. Is there a way to reload them???
  11. I like to use a different font for my dimensions. I find it helps to distinguish them on a drawing already crowded with notes etc. I currently dimension the drawing as completely as possible using the default font then do a "custom selection" and change the font globally. This is acceptable, but wondered if there was a way to set the font for a class, and if not I would certainly make this a wish list item.
  12. It's frustrating that the worksheet generated by selecting "Create VA Schedule" is not easily editable to have the information you want displayed and the information you don't. It was a fairly simple excercise is V11. Is anyone else out there experiencing this problem????
  13. I am experiencing the same problem. I have placed several doors into my plan and am now going back and filling in entries within the "Door Settings" dialogue, that I want covered in the "Door Schedule" worksheet. There are certain items I want shown and others I don't. For example I want to display door material and finish, but not rough opening sizes. There are others but these are examples. How do I edit the worksheet columns to have the schedule appear the way I want. It was fairly simple in V11.
  14. Thanks to both of you. I appreciate the help. It worked perfectly.
  15. Can you tell me how do that? ie. "copy multi-line text into the room name box". Thanks.
  16. I am using the "Space Tool" to label rooms within my floor plan, and am having a problem with some names that are too long. Is there a way to break the name into 2 lines of text. The dialogue has only a single row cell to enter the name. Anyone ever encounter this??? and if so any suggestions?
  17. It would be helpful if the Create Viewport dialogue box had an an entry for a Detail Reference Number that was dynamically linked to the Viewport Annotation so tnat when you use the Drawing Label tool to name a detail you would only have to enter the reference once and it would be automatically updated.
  18. Thanks Robert. That fixed it for me.
  19. When using the Stair Tool, is an opening automatically created in a floor? Or, do I need to create the opening separately using Subtract Solids or something similar?
  20. I have created a model of a single storey house with a basement, first floor and a gable roof. Each of these are on separate layers. When I generate a side view all the layers appear stacked correctly as they should. If I create a Section Viewport though the layers appear with large spaces in between as if exploded in some way. I have created Section in this manner in the past and have not had this problem. Anyone have a similar experience?
  21. If I create a floor slab with an opening in it for a stair, the framing tool does not allow this new entity to be used to define the area for "joists from poly". Is there way to have the framing tool recognize an opening in the floor and show the appropriate framing around that opening?
  22. Under the "File" pull down menu, you can select "Document Settings", then "Dash Styles". There in the dialogue you can control the lengths of the dashed portions of the lines as well as the length of the spaces between them. This is only for the default line types created for VW. I have never found a way to create my own custom line styles. I hope that helps??
  23. Is there a way to have wall components as defined in the Wall Styles dialgue appear in my Section Viewport?. They appear fine in plan view but not in section. This doesn't make any sense.
  24. I very often use interior doors with narrow vision lites (a vertical window within the door offset to the latch side) and sometimes need them to appear correctly within my modeled interiors. Is there a way to create this type of window within the Object Info Palette or the Settings? The options only allow for the left and right styles to be the same, but in this case I need them to be different.
  25. Since I posted the first message, we think we may have figured out what was up. The file that this message was occurring in was started on one computer and then sent over by email to another. The file was then saved to the desktop and not to a folder. After a specific folder was created and the file was saved and renamed the message has not reappeared. I don't know if this solves anything, but no error message is a good thing. Thanks for your help Katie.
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