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  1. I am trying to use project specific room finishes in the workgroup folder on the network. I have setup a folder as noted above, which seems to partially work for me. Although the OP was using Dropbox, it should be a similar setup for a network location. I have modified room finishes and put them in the workgroup folder on the server. When I start a new drawing and insert a space object, the room finish information is pulled from the workgroup folder. When I modify the room finish information, the new finishes are written back to my User folder on my computer. Any changes made will not be accessible to anyone else that might need to modify those finishes. Is it possible the have any finish changes written back to the Workgroup folder on the network, and not to the User folder on individual computers. Steve
  2. Are you sure it is the cursor and not the Acquisition Hints box. This appears as a red indicator up and to the left of the cursor when you are near a smart point, smart edge, or vector lock that can be acquired by pressing the "T" key. It took me awhile to get used to it. I eventually just turned it off in preferences.
  3. In VW2008 I was able to modify the list of finishes to show only our office standard finishes. I went through the same steps in VW2011 but I don't seem to be changing anything. The default finishes still show up. I can't seem to find anything in the help files that tells me the correct way to customize the list finishes in VW2011. I want the list to show only our finishes and not have to scroll through all of the default finishes. Thanks.
  4. Thank you Robert. That was exactly what I was looking for. Looks simple to modify.
  5. We have just upgraded to 2011 from 2008. In the past I have modified the Door.vso for our Door Schedule by changing the Alternate Names of the User Fields in VectorScript Plug-in editor. I see in VW2011 the door object is now Door.vwobject and no longer appears in the VectorScript editor. Is it still possible to modify the User Fields in VW2011. If so, how would this be done. Thanks.
  6. We are looking to replace our now dying HP 1055cm plotter. We have a mix of Macs and PCs running VW 2008, soon to upgrade. We have been looking at the HP T1200 as a replacement. Does anyone have experience with this plotter? Would we have to get the Postscript version to use with the Macs? Thanks for any help or recommendations. Steve
  7. What is the best way to put recessed, or can, lights into a gypsum board soffit. Would you have to cut round openings in the surface to allow the light to shine through? Thanks.
  8. Turns out that someone came behind me and created the other reference, creating the circular reference. I've fixed that but still end up chasing the plan around at least once a week. I don't rotate the plans, they just move in the DLVP out of the blue and for no apparent reason. Hopefully the latest service pack will help. I think DLVPs are very useful and I hope everything gets resolved.
  9. Aaarrrgh.....I always forget about Bug submit. I've submitted this previously through the Tech support contact page. I just sent them another one before I remembered this thread. I submitted this to Tech support, but posting here anyway to see if what is happening in my drawings is unusual, beyond plans moving all over the place. In drawing 'B' I create a DLVP that references drawing 'A'. Path is relative, not saving cache to disk. Looking in the Navigation palette of drawing 'B', I see drawing 'A' is referenced. When I open drawings 'A' and look in the Navigation palette, drawing 'B' is showing as referenced, and it should not. Isn't this some kind of circular reference? Is this how references with DLVP works? The problem with my plans moving around in the DLVP seems to be related to the drawing origins of the two separate files. If both drawings have different origins, would they affect the other file as they are opened?
  10. Is it possible to display a symbol in a worksheet to use in a symbol legend. What I am looking at is a ceiling plan legend. One column would have all of my ceiling symbols such as lights and diffusers, etc displayed. The other columns would contain the record info for each symbol. Thanks.
  11. Christiaan, Have you found a solution to this yet? I seem to be having the same problem. The worksheet displays fine in my source file. When I create a DLVP in my target file, all that displays is the header information. If I show database headers, I can see the correct count of objects in my worksheet, just no additional rows with my worksheet content.
  12. I am having a problem with classes imported from Autocad. When I set the graphic attributes of the class, they don't display correctly in the drawing. If I set the background fill to white, a new drawn object will be filled with black. I can change it in the attributes palette, but it would be nice for the new object to be displayed correctly in the first place. I have "Use at creation" checked. If I delete the class and manually recreate it, everything displays correctly.
  13. Search the VW help file for "Title Block". In the results, under "Design Series", select "Creating a Custom Title Block in the Design Series". This will tell you what you need to know.
  14. I have had this happen on a number of occasions. What I have been doing to correct this is to change the origin in the target file. I double click on the crosshair at the top left intersection of the screen rulers. On the menu that pops up, I select "Set origin to drawing center". I then update the referenced viewport.
  15. File > Document Settings > Units On the "General Display" tab look under "Area" at the top right of the dialog box for "Precision". Set it to 1.
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