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edit VW standard labels?

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Having worked out some bugs in our system I am becoming a big fan of the standard VW labels.

That said, in the Room Name Simple I always get areas to the nearest two decimal places: 506.00 sf.

For my current purposes rounding to the nearest square foot is accurate enough. And I don't want to use up precious drawing space on decimals and extra numbers.

Is there a way to edit this function?

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I am not aware of a way to do this with Room Name Simple. You might try using a Space and turn off the polygon. You can control the number of decimal places with it.


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we're also wishing like mad to have the

unit label customizable or corrected...

NOBODY uses S.M. to represent square meters,

the correct form is m?.

in addition the space tool uses the primary

dimension unit for the area calculation

rather than the "area" unit.

we have the situation where most old site

diagrams use "cape feet" which are not the

same as imperial feet, but all our other

dimensions are metric. if we use a custom

unit "cape feet" to set out the site we get

the area in "S.cape feet" when our area

unit is set to metres...

is this fixable?

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The problem with m? is there is currently no way to create superscripts in VectorWorks. Is m2 or M2 acceptable as m??

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it doesn't have to be formatted as superscript,

ASCII 0178 gives you the symbol.

M2 is not OK, m2 is ok, m? is best

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Gideon - have you tried it?

I can get a superscript 2 whilst editing or creating text via the Apple Character Palette (Basic Latin - Unicode character 00B2) As soon as i deselect the text though it becomes a full size 2.

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yes, it works fine on VW + windows XP

other symbols we use all the time in VW are:

? - approx - ASCII 0177

? - degrees - ASCII 0176

? - squared - ASCII 0178

? - cubed - ASCII 0179

? - diameter - ASCII 0216

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From what you have written it would appear that the 'superscript' 2 and 3 Unicode characters work on a Windows computer but not on a Mac computer. frustrating to say the least.

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