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Problems Creating a Flat Floor


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I've tried making a rendered floor with the extruded polygon command but I keep getting a floor plane that has different height vertices. I can't seem to be able to change them to make a flat plane. Is there a secret to this. I tried tracing the walls to do this so I guess the snap goes to the different height of the walls or other objects. I have version 12, windows xp. Thanks!

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sf, I think you are saying that you draw a 2d polygon, extrude it, and that its "horizontal" faces are actually cocked relative to the ground plane.

If this is correct, the only way this could occur is if you have activated a working plane that is not parallel to the ground plane. You can open the Working Planes palette and follow procedures to get you back to Ground Plane, and things will work correctly again.

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SF: two ways: 1) go to Top/Plan and draw the shape of the floor, then use the AEC>FLOOR command (the downside of this is that the edges will not accept textures, but you can assign a color to the entire floor which will show on the edges, or, 2) go to Top/Plan and draw the shape of the floor, then use the EXTRUDE command (the downside of this is that the extrude will not show as a solid filled shape in top/plan. SOmetimes I use a combination of these methods. HTH's

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As Petri points out, the extruded polygon tool can give you a polygon in any orientation, depending on the location of the 3d points you snap to in creating it. If this is the method you are using, please disregard my earlier post as it is probably irrelevant. Sorry to have misinterpreted your original question.

Using extruded polygon in Top/Plan view is risky, since you don't necessary know which of several possible stacked 3d points you are snapping to when you create the shape. Remember, there are at least 4 points directly above each other at each wall corner.

By the way, this kind of situation is a good reason to implement multiple view windows in VW. When working in other 3d programs, I've found that being able to see the snap point from several directions at one time helps enormously. Of course, we'll all have to go out and invest in bigger monitors if this ever happens in VW.

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